How to Get a Free Domain Name with Web Hosting Services?

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A domain name is the first thing you’ll need to start a blog or launch a website. Today, I’ll show you how to get a free domain name easily.

Who doesn’t like free things?

I do and I’m pretty sure you do too.

As you may already know, if you want to create a blog or launch a website, you can’t do it without registering a domain name that you can use for your site.

Along with a domain name, you’ll also need web hosting.

Fortunately, there is no need to pay for the domain name for your new website. There are plenty of ways to get it free without paying a dime.

The best thing?

It doesn’t matter what kind of website you want to build, you can get a free domain along with web hosting. All you have to do now is follow my instructions.

Let’s get started without wasting any time.

Step 1. Visit HostGator

HostGator Homepage Domain plus Hosting

HostGator is the best place from where you can get a free domain name.

You don’t only need a domain name, right?

To host your website, you’ll also need web hosting services.

Digital Millions is hosted on HostGator, which also happens to be number 1 on my list of the best web hosting providers for beginners this year.


When you sign up for HostGator hosting, you’ll get a free domain.

Let me walk you through the step-by-step process of getting a domain name for free along with web hosting services for the new website.

The first step, of course, is to visit the HostGator website.

Next, choose a hosting plan.

Step 2: Choose a Hosting Plan

HostGator provides a variety of web hosting plans for anyone from complete beginners to seasoned webmasters. Basically, there is a hosting plan for everyone.

Let’s have a look at the web hosting plans offered by HostGator.

The company offers 3 shared hosting plans:

  • Hatching plan
  • Baby plan
  • Business plan

The Hatchling plan is, without a doubt, the best hosting plan for a beginner who wants to start with only one website. In addition, you can get a free domain name.

So, go for the Hatchling plan if you want to host only 1 site.

If you wish to host multiple websites, you can choose the baby plan, which includes all of the same features as the Hatchling plan along with the ability to host multiple websites in your web hosting account.

The business plan is undoubtedly for those who need additional features such as positive SSL, a free dedicated IP, and free SEO tools, and more.

HostGator Hosting Packages

You probably won’t need any of these extra features as a beginner. So all you have to do now is choose between the Hatchling and the baby plan.

Take your decision wisely.

When you’ve made your decision, choose your plan, hit the buy button, and move to the next step. And, the next step is undoubtedly something you have been waiting for.

That is finding a domain to get it for free.

Step 3: Choose a Domain & Get it FREE

Once you select your preferred hosting plan, you’ll be redirected to the next page where you can choose a domain to be added to your hosting plan.

The domain you choose here will be completely free for 1 year.

Pretty cool, right?

You’ll get two options to choose from:

  1. Register a new domain
  2. I already have this domain
HostGator Domain Selection

To get your free domain name from HostGator, type the domain name in the given box and check if it’s available. Once you find an available domain name, select it.

This domain will be added to your hosting plan for free.

Surely, you can choose from a variety of domain extensions. But personally, I suggest that you use top-level domain extensions such as .com, .org, or .net extensions.

To be honest, when it comes to SEO, the domain extension you use doesn’t matter all that much. However, people still prefer domains that end in the .com extension.

If the .com domain is unavailable, you may consider using an alternative extension.

Useful: How to Choose a Domain Name for Your New Website?

Step 4: Choose a Billing Cycle

This is the most essential part when registering for a web hosting account. If you want to reduce your cost, you’ll need to be extra careful at this stage.


Because your discounts will be higher if you have a longer billing cycle.

Also, you can’t get a free domain name if you wish to pay on a monthly basis. You can only get a free domain name when you opt for annual plans.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Hatchling annual plan from HostGator begins at just $3.95/month. If you commit to 36 months, the cost drops to just $2.75 per month, which is highly recommended.


This is simply a matter of personal taste.

Some people would rather pay a higher price to stop being locked into a long-term deal. Others are willing to pay a little more now in order to get the best deal for the next 3 years. I personally prefer to always go with the longest term.

In the case of HostGator, you’ll get a 60.50% discount on a 36-month term.

Think about it:

Why would you pay almost $11/month when you know you’re going to run your website for years? Isn’t it a much better and smarter choice to pay $2.75/month and lock the price for 3 years?

Well, that’s your choice.

Step 5: Create Your HostGator Account

The next step is to create a HostGator account.

The registration process is as straightforward as registering for any other website. Just fill up the form with all the required information and you’ll be done.

HostGator Account Creation

As usual, you’ll be asked for your email address and password.

You’ll also be asked to create a security pin. This is critical.

Your account ownership is identified by your security PIN. It will be checked when you want to contact HostGator customer service for any help.

So, this is critical. Get it ready when you contact the support staff.

Step 6: Enter Your Billing Information

There’s nothing special to discuss here.

HostGator offers several payment methods to pay for your web hosting account. You can use a credit card or your PayPal account to make the payment.

At this stage, you can choose how you want to pay for the hosting.

Just fill out the form with the required details and you’ll be ready to move to the next step. In the next step, you’ll be able to add additional services, if required.

Step 7: Choose Extras (Optional)

When you buy hosting at HostGator, there are a few optional services that you’ll be able to select for your new website.

Some of the top services include:

  • Sitelock essentials
  • Professional email from Google workspace
  • Codeguard backup services
  • SEO tools
Hostgator additional services

I wouldn’t recommend having any of these extra services because, in most situations, you won’t need them as a beginner.

There are plenty of free alternatives that you can use.

You’re currently looking for a free domain name and web hosting. So let’s concentrate on that. So for now, remove all of the additional services.

It will also reduce your overall cost.

Let’s move to the next step.

Step 8: Enter 60% Off Coupon Code

I have a piece of good news for you.

If you can’t find the $2.75 per month hosting deal on HostGator, you can use the following coupon code to unlock it for you.

All you need is to enter below coupon code and validate it.



Pretty simple, right?

The special discount will be automatically applied to your order once the coupon code has been validated. All that remains is for you to review your order details.

And, of course, that’s your next and final step in getting a free domain name.

Step 9: Pay & Get the Domain FREE

You’ve made it to the last step in the process of getting a free domain and hosting. Make sure you double-check the details of your order.

You have now reached the final step of the process to get a free domain along with hosting. Make sure you review your order details

And of course, take note of the amount you are going to pay.

HostGator Order Details

Next, you’ll be asked to read and agree to Auto-Renewal Terms, Terms of Service, and Cancellation Policy and acknowledge receipt of the Privacy Notice.

It is about as straightforward as it gets. Simply tick the checkbox.

Now, you are ready to click the checkout now button and make your payment. The account details and required information will be sent to your email once the payment has been verified. And, your preferred domain name will be registered for free.


You’ve just secured a free domain name for 1 year and hosting.

Also, I would like to let you know that HostGator offers a generous 45-day money-back guarantee. This is a pretty long time for you to test the services and decide if you would like to stick with them. So, this is going to be a no-risk purchase.

I really don’t think you’ll want to quit HostGator once you sign up. I am pretty confident as I myself host all my websites on HostGator.

And, I also got my first domain for free from HostGator.

Web Hosts that Offer Free Domain

Fortunately, HostGator is not the only hosting provider that offers free domain names with web hosting purchases. I personally recommend HostGator as I use it myself. But, there are several other companies that provide free domains.

Following are some of the best web hosting providers for free domains:

Final Words

This tutorial has finally come to an end. I hope I was able to show you some good options for getting a free domain name and hosting.

So what are you waiting for?

Choose a web hosting provider and get your domain for free.

I recommend HostGator because I’ve been using it for a long time. Only twice have I had problems with my hosting account, and both times the problems were resolved within minutes of contacting customer service. They are extremely responsive, and getting in touch with the support team takes just a few minutes.

But, just because I recommend HostGator doesn’t mean other companies are not worth your attention. It’s obviously a personal choice. And, I have already mentioned several hosting providers that you can use to get a free domain name.

Now, the choice is yours.

Please keep in mind that there are other options for getting free domains.

Or, to say it correctly, you can get free subdomains where your domain is a part of another domain that you do not own.

For example:

  • myfavoritedomain(dot)
  • myfavoritedomain(dot)

However, you do not have control over the primary domain. I don’t think you’d use a free subdomain that’s linked to a domain you don’t own.

So, I didn’t suggest you choose that path.

In fact, you wouldn’t want to build a website on a free subdomain, right? You are serious and you want to give it the best foundation right from day 1.

How to do it?

Simple. Choose a top-level domain and get it registered through a web host. That is the best way to get it for free along with web hosting services.

Of course, you can’t build a website only with a domain.

You need a web host too.

So it doesn’t hurt in any way, paying for the hosting and get the domain free, right? In fact, this is how you kill two birds with one stone. 🙂

Finally, if you enjoyed and found this tutorial helpful, please share it.

It doesn’t only help more people get this information, but it also motivates me and gives meaning to the countless hours I dedicate to it.

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