How to Make $500-$1000 In a Month Online with Fiverr?

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Learn about how to make $500-$1000 per month from Fiverr, even without any skills. You can do it too, even as a beginner.

Do you want to earn $500 in a month?

Do you wish to make an extra $500 in this month and also keep making it over and over again every following month?

I believe your answer is a big YES. But you may ask me why I’m talking about making only $500, but not more than that.

Because that’s the amount I’ve personally made from Fiverr. So obviously I can teach you only what I’ve actually experienced.

But, truly speaking, you can make much more than just $500.

The best part is about this method is that you don’t need to spend huge amount of time doing it. The time investment is almost zero (about 5 minutes a day).

So let me show you how to make over $500 in a month using my simple yet powerful method you can use right now.

I made my money from Fiverr. [free to sign up]

In case you don’t already know, Fiverr is a micro-job site where you can post any type of job that you wish to do for others for a payment of $5.

At Fiverr, you can price your gigs from price their Gigs from $5 – $995.

Please understand that you should be able to make over $10000 in a month using the same idea. I made my money from only 1 Fiverr gig.

If most of your gigs perform the same way, you should be able to make it big with just 10-20 gigs. [Fiverr allows maximum 30 Gigs.]

As you can see below, I made my money from Fiverr. If you are in need of fast money, it’s something you must try.


Don’t forget that I made this money spending just 5 minutes a day.

Of course, there was some work involved in the first place before I could start working for just 5 minutes a day.

Don’t worry! But it’s simple and I’ll show you how to do it.

$5 may not seem much. But think once if you get hundreds of orders per month, it won’t be difficult for you to make over $500 in a month.

But I am a lazy person. I don’t like to work hard.

Instead of working hard, I try to find simpler ways to get the same results usually assumed to be achieved only by hard work.

So What Did I Do?

I sold eBooks on Fiverr. But there is a twist.

You cannot directly sell eBooks on Fiverr. Instead you have to show that you are going to do a real job like you are offering your help to make someone learn something or to let someone know a secret they don’t know.

Look at the below jobs or gigs at Fiverr, just for an example …

fiverr gigs

How do you think someone is going to teach you 3 money making methods or share site arbitrage money making strategy?

They actually have an eBook that they’ll upload on Fiverr to be shared with you after you make your payment.

The eBook contains the information a buyer is promised to receive through the gig. In this way, both the buyers and sellers are happy.

How much time does it take upload an eBook? It’s less than a minute.

And how many eBooks can you upload in 5 minutes?

I hope you get the idea. It’s more about getting orders that don’t take much time to fulfill and you’ll earn $4 from every gig.

You guessed it right. I got 136 orders within a month of publishing my gig and the total income was more than $500 and $544 to be exact.

On an average I got 5 orders per day.

Please understand that it was from only one gig while Fiverr allows you to publish 7 different gigs as a beginner.

I don’t want to share my exact gig with you. I hope you understand why.

Below are some more gigs …

fiverr gigs 2
fiverr gigs 3

It doesn’t have to be money making niche only. But you can use this concept in any niche possible. It’s only about your creativity.

fiverr relationship gigs

There are thousands of gigs like this on Fiverr. Most of these gigs are actually selling eBooks. [There may be exceptions.]

No one cares whether you are working or not. A buyer would care only if they are getting the information they needed. That’s all.

How Do You Get an eBook to Sell?

There are thousands of eBooks with resell rights available for download. Just do a quick research on Google and download them.

Some websites sell eBooks with resell rights for a small fee. But that’s nothing comparing to how much you can earn reselling them on Fiverr.

I personally get the books from In Digital Works. It’s my number 1 choice to get ready-to-be sold digital products.

Click Here to sign up for a free account today. And download eBooks.

Imagine that you got a book that talks about 10 powerful ways to lose fat. So your gig on Fiverr can be “I will show you 10 powerful ways to lose fat”

In case your book is about getting online traffic, your Fiverr gig may be like “I will show you the best methods I use to get online traffic“.

I hope you got the idea.

Instead of downloading eBooks, you can also create them yourself.

This is very simple. Just gather free information online on a particular subject and put the information in Microsoft word as a book.

Save the word file as a PDF document.

You can download a book online and copy-paste all the contents to a word file. Format it like a book as you like and save it as a PDF document.

Just don’t do it for eBooks you are not authorized to modify or republish. You may get into serious problems if you are caught.

Your Gig Description Matters

Writing a good description is crucial as this is what a buyer will see before they decide to purchase your gig. Clearly describe what information you are going to share and how the information will help the buyer.

Do not ever mention that you’ll be sending an eBook.

Write a good script that you can use after your gig is purchased. Below is a script that I’ve been using for my gigs…

fiverr buyer script

You can use the same script or may change it if you like.

Sometimes buyers would send messages asking you different questions about your gig. Make sure you already create a few message templates.

Now go and publish your gig on Fiverr and make some money of course.

I truly hope you make more than $500 faster than me.

If you have never made money online or trying to learn the techniques of making money online, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletters or start here.

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