How to Write Professional Emails in English? (Step by Step)

It’s all in the words!

One of the most common mistakes people do while trying to write a professional email is that they forget the power of words and voice tone.

This ‘How to Write Email Professionally‘ guide will show that one single sentence in their email can turn things upside down. By writing professional emails, you can increase your chance of winning the pitch and getting your proposal accepted.

And, to be honest with you, professional email writing is not what people think. It’s not your old-school Victorian era’s English. Neither you need to study the core of language to write emails professionally.

The question is… why do you need to learn the art of writing professional emails with a modern approach?

Well, I’ll take the help of these IBM people.

According to their report in 2019, there are 3.9 Billion active email users. That’s huge! You want better communication with people, at your work or want to look authentic in your emails, everything sums up into one thing – learn to write email professionally!

And that’s the only reason why I’m writing it.

This is the ultimate post on learning ‘How to Write Email Professionally’ with 5 simple hacks and professional email examples to help you communicate professionally at your work, and influence your friends.

You will learn little secrets to help you write emails fast and efficiently.

And all I need you to do is sit for the next 5 minutes and focus on what to learn from this post. After reading and analyzing these best email writing tips, you will be more productive and influential in your emails.

You will communicate better and people will love to receive your emails.

Let’s begin…

How to Write Professional Emails?

Here we are, starting afresh and with the most updated list of professional email tips for communication in this modern era. Learn the core of email writing techniques and boost your online presence.

1. Don’t Be A Sender

Yes, you heard it right!

This simple mindset increases my chances of winning an email proposal every time. Whenever you are writing an email, change your perspective from a ‘Sender’ to ‘Receiver’. You’ve to step into the shoe of another person to get a positive result on your email.

Imagine yourself as a receiver and think about the expectations for the email. You’ll end up with questions like:

  • Do they want my bio?
  • Are they looking for some particular information?
  • Where’s that particular data?
  • Am I over saturating the content in the email?

Well, it’s all about thinking like a receiver. Just ask yourself this simple question – What would I need to receive if someone sends me this type of email?

Bingo! You got the point.

From next time, always pause for a minute to think about the purpose of the email and how it adds up to the communication.

2. Error Free Emails for Free

For some people, English is a complex language, and you really need to look for grammatical errors and typos.

I personally recommend Grammarly – Free Grammar Checking Tool to use while you write. It’s absolutely FREE to use and shows you onboard errors while typing.

You can simply install the Browser Extension or download Grammarly Keyboard and it’s all automated. What’s the best thing about Grammarly:

  • Automated Live Grammar Checker
  • Suggests you Synonyms
  • Voice Tone Audit – Best Feature for Me!
  • Corrects the Punctuation
  • Up to 400 Language Checks

In my opinion, it’s a must-have tool for any writer. Just Sign Up for Free with Grammarly and write faster!

3. Write Big But Small


Let me share a crazy yet believable fact.

Approximately 60% of people open and read emails on their mobile. And it’s a clear statement as the usage of the Internet has shifted from computer/laptop to mobile devices with the innovation of smartphones.

How does it matter to email writing?

It’s pretty simple.

People are reading emails on smartphones, which means that they are reading them on a smaller screen. And here comes our ‘Write Big But Small’ strategy.

While writing a perfect detailed email, focus on writing small paragraphs:

  • Break your email body into 2-3 sentenced paragraphs.
  • Insert images between text to make it attractive.
  • Do not forget to mention any attached files with text.
  • Use full format features like Bold Text, Italic Text, Strike Through and Underline.
  • You can use hyperlinks to increase the credibility of your mail.

Make it look visually impressive and your email will look extraordinary!

4. Structured Elements

No matter if you’re writing for a job interview, or pitching a business deal mail, you will always need to structure your mail according to the universal pattern. It depicts your formality and knowledge of the language.

Here are the elements which must be present in your email:

Greeting Note: It’s a starting element with addressing powers. It clears your active voice in email writing that you’re directly writing to the particular receiver. It usually looks like ‘Hi Alex’ or ‘Dear Alex’ and follows with an appreciation or greeting line.

Introduction to Matter: This is a simple introduction to the purpose of your email. You write about the matter, why you need to send this message, and what message you want to convey. For example – I’m writing this mail regarding our last discussion on…

Content: This is the fruit of the mail.

It holds what the matter is, what your opinion is, and what needs to be done. It can be short or long depending on the seriousness and details of the issue.

A Progress/Solution Note: Never, end your emails with queries only. Put some effort to write an end line where either you’re providing progress from your side or you’re simply suggesting what needs to be done. It makes you look like a responsible person and helps in increasing your communications over emails.

EndNote: An endnote is the ending of your email where you say a ‘Good Bye’ in your own style and make your signature like ‘Regards’ or ‘Thank You’ followed by your name.

5. Use Professional Email Signature

I always love getting emails from people who use an attractive email signature at the end of their email. It looks way better than plain text.

An email signature can be decorative, constructive, or minimalist but it has to be there somehow. Here’s an Email Signature Generator to make your own custom email signature.

It’s a simple drag-drop process and you’ll end with a professional email signature with your name, designation, company, or anything you want to put there.

Final Words

In the end, I’ll say it’s all about communicating via words. Words have power and help you in making your writing better and professional by using selective words. You can check this power word list to enhance your vocabulary.

If you think this post helps, share it with your people. They might be looking for some email writing tips. Keep reading good stuff!

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