How To Make Money With Awin Affiliate Marketing Platform?

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Want to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing?

It’s an amazing way to earn money from your blog!

If you currently write a blog and don’t use it to make money, or you’re looking for a way to earn further income on top of sponsored posts and ads – affiliate marketing is a great place to start.

I’ve been using AWIN for quite a few months now, and it’s amazing!

It gives you access to huge brands and their programs all in one place. I use it for all my affiliate links (apart from Amazon), and I couldn’t be happier with them.

I’m going to show you how to get set up with AWIN affiliate marketing, and how to use it to make money with your blog.

First off, I’m going to briefly explain what affiliate marketing is, and how you can use it to earn money from your posts.

Once you know how to do it, it’s a breeze.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically being linked to certain brands and promoting them and their products within your blog posts.

You include links to their website and products, which are connected to you and your profile. These are ‘tracked’ which means that any sales that come from people clicking on the links are noted as yours.

You make a commission from the purchases that people make. It doesn’t cost them any more money to purchase through the links!

You do have to declare within the post that you are sharing affiliate links, which is the law. But people have become accustomed to seeing it – and like I mentioned it doesn’t cost them any more than it normally would to buy things.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn commission by promoting the products you love and use. I would definitely advise only writing about things that you genuinely love or use because it shows in your writing.

I also think it’s immoral to promote things in a positive way if you don’t really agree with it – and it’s something I would never do on Digital Millions.

I want my readers to come to me for my actual opinion and my experience with the product, and I can’t do that if I’m not actually using it.

What Is AWIN?

AWIN is an affiliate marketing network.

This means that they provide access to all different brands and their affiliate programs. They have thousands of different brands, across so many sectors, ranging from finance and insurance to health and beauty, to travel.

As a blogger, I absolutely love the variety of brands you can join through AWIN. I have affiliated with plenty of outstanding brands through them.

There is so much choice, and having it all in one place makes managing it all so much easier. You can use it to create all of the extra content you need to start earning money from your blog.

How Do I Get Set Up?

To join AWIN, you need to create an account at

You’ll need to register as a publisher.

When you click on the link, it will take you through to where you will enter all of your personal details. On the next screen, you will enter your avenues of promotion – such as your blog and your social media accounts.

Click the options and have a look at the types of promotions you can select. Have a think about the kinds of advertising you will be doing and select the correct options.

The next screen will enable you to enter your blog URL and a description of what your blog is all about. Take your time when completing these details, as this will be displayed on your publisher profile.

You will be able to edit them at a later date, however, so don’t worry too much.

Once you have entered all of the information, you will need to pay £5.00 to set up your account. However, once complete, you will have the money returned to you in your first payment. It’s called the setup fee.

AWIN will ask you to confirm your email address and then you can sign in for the first time. AWIN will take some time to verify your account with them.

Now we can get on to the fun part: Choosing advertisers to join.

Joining Advertisers

To start promoting products, and get paid commission, you will need to join advertisers. These are the brands and companies that you want to showcase to your readers. To join an advertiser, you will need to search for them.

From your AWIN dashboard, you will see a menu bar across the top.

Hover over the Advertisers option, and click Join Programs. From here, you will be able to search and view all of the open programs and can request to join them.

You can narrow down the results by choosing filters from the left-hand side.

There are a few different factors to take into consideration at this point. There will be a display of the programs available, and information relating to each.

We will have a look at this in a little more detail.

Below are the headers for the information you will be able to see for each program:


This would be the brand or companies name, such as Superdrug or Benefit Cosmetics.

Conversion Rate

This is their average conversion rate based on current publishers that are promoting their content. It shows how many of the content/links/graphics etc give the publisher a payout.

Approval Rate

The chance you have of being accepted into their program is based on the number of people who apply. This can range from pretty low to pretty high, depending on the individual company and their expectations.

EPC [Earnings Per Click]

This is the amount of money earned from each click-through on one of your links.

Payment Status

Advertisers have one of three levels of payment status – red, amber, and green. According to AWIN, they are described as:

GREEN: Includes programs offering accelerated payments. Approved commissions will be paid to publishers directly with their next payment.

AMBER: Approved commissions will be paid to publishers after the advertiser has paid Awin. Further status details are available to advertisers

RED: There aren’t any red accounts on AWIN! But these are advertisers that are having issues with payments. [AVOID THESE IF YOU SEE ANY!]

Average Payment Time

The amount of time it takes for payments to be approved.

Product Feed

A yes or no box that represents whether the advertiser provides a product feed – a widget for your site containing products from the brand.

Launch Date

The date the brand/company launched their affiliate marketing program with AWIN.

Requesting To Join An Affiliate Program

Once you have had a look through the available programs, and have found one that you would like to apply to, you will need to request to join. Click on the advertiser’s name and you will be taken through to a summary screen.

You MUST read all the information properly for each program you are looking to join.

There are rules and important information that is unique to each advertiser, so make sure you are happy with everything before you request to join.

It’s so important to make sure you know the terms and conditions before signing up and promoting their content.

Once you are happy that you want to join, look at the top left-hand box and you will see a button to join.

You can send the advertiser an email if there is something you wanted to discuss first, or if you are ready, click the Join Programme button.

A pop-up will load that details the terms and conditions again for the advertiser. Make sure you are happy with everything and then enter your details in the boxes below.

You are given the option to leave the advertiser a message along with your request to join. I always fill this in – I give them a brief overview of who I am, what Digital Millions is all about, and how I think they will compliment my brand. It can be a great way to start to build a relationship with them!

Commission Rates

The commission is what you will earn from the sale of any products.

The percentage of commission differs for each program and is down to their discretion. It will be included within the summary screen, so make sure to familiarise yourself with it before requesting to join one.

As long as you are happy with the rate offered, then you’re good to go!

[Remember – for example, if the commission rate is 10% and you sell £100 worth of products, you will earn £10.]

Getting Accepted!

All you have to do now is wait to be accepted into the brand’s program.

You can request to join as many programs as you like – but as I mentioned previously, it’s much better to promote brands and products that you use and love rather than random ones. To grow and become a successful blogger, you need to be genuine and helpful, and you can’t do that if you’re not being honest!

You will receive an email once you have been accepted into the program, and this is when you can start promoting and earning commission for sales made through your blog content.

What’s Next? > Let’s Make Some Money!

Once you have been accepted you can begin to earn money using AWIN and the programs that you are a part of. There are so many ways that you can use AWIN to create money-making opportunities, and it depends on what you write about, how you produce content and your personal preferences.

I will talk about a couple of the basic ways to use AWIN within this tutorial.

These are the ways that I use and find the most effective. I only promote things I have used or currently use – and I just love them.

I wouldn’t promote anything to my readers that I don’t actually like, and put a positive spin on something that I don’t agree with. It’s just immoral and I don’t understand why you would want to! The whole point of blogging, to me, is sharing my real experiences and knowledge with my readers.

Let’s look at the ways that you can use AWIN within your content and start your affiliate marketing journey.

This is the affiliate marketer’s bread and butter.

You use this to create trackable links to products that you are promoting.

If your readers click on the link, they will be sent to the page that you have set up, and any purchases will be tracked. This doesn’t give any details on what was purchased, or about the person that purchased them.

You can see which advertiser they clicked on, the amount spent, and how much commission that means to you, and no more than that.

If you are writing a post and you want to include an affiliate link, you need to hover over the Links & Tools option on the AWIN menu and click on the link-builder option.

You will be taken to the relevant screen where you can select whether the advertiser is one you have joined or not.

If you have joined them, select them from the drop-down menu. If it’s one you haven’t joined, they may still be available for you to use.

Some advertisers are happy for you to link to their content without you being part of their program. If they are in the drop-down menu then select them. If not, you will need to sign up before you will be able to create a trackable link for your content.

Next, paste the URL for the page you want to link to in the destination URL box. This would be the product page or the home page for example.

You don’t need to enter anything into the click reference box. Once you paste the URL in, the system will automatically generate a deep link for you to use, which is the trackable link as mentioned previously.

Simply copy the link and then paste it into your content! It’s best to change text into a link, rather than just posting the link in full.

It’s much more attractive and efficient to link from text rather than just pasting the full link into your content.

If you are promoting products, I would always advise including the link and making sure that you take a great photo of the product to help encourage people to buy it or at least have a look at it.

You can also shorten the link on this page if you would prefer to do so.

It will generate a link that doesn’t include any words; it’s just letters and numbers, but can be beneficial for particularly long deep links.

My Creative

The other way that I currently use AWIN to promote products is by using the My Creative function. It is the place where advertisers provide advertising banners that you can include in your content. These are pre-made and come in all different shapes and sizes depending on the brand. They might advertise their latest promotion or their seasonal products, and they can add a vibrant edge to your content.

You will find this option under the Links & Tools header, and you can search via advertiser to find the right one for your content.

By clicking on the banner, you will be taken through to the advertiser page that shows the content. This is also tracked the same as it would be for a deep link.

To insert a banner into a WordPress post, simply copy the code from the My Creative screen, and then go back to your post editor.

In the right-hand corner of the editor, you will see a visual and a text tab.

Click the text tab and you will be taken to the HTML version of the page. Simply paste the code into your content, wherever you would like it to appear.

Checking Your Progress And Outstanding Commission

Now that you are inserting affiliate content into your posts, you will want to see how it’s performing. Use your AWIN dashboard to clearly see how many clicks you’ve had, how much commission has been generated, and what status it is in.

Once it’s been approved, you will have to wait for it to clear.

At this point, it will then be moved across to the Approved and Cleared box, and you will see how much commission is due to be paid out on your next payment run.

Regularly check in on your AWIN dashboard and see how your content is performing.

There’s nothing better than seeing that you have made some commission. It will happen, so just be patient and focus on writing outstanding content about products and services you love. Wow! You’ve just monetized your blog.

If you’ve completed all of the steps above then you’ve monetized your blog.

Congratulations! I wish you all the luck in creating an amazing income from your blog, and I know you can do it.

Click here to get started with AWIN yourself for just a £5.00 setup fee! If you have any questions, please let me know.

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