How to Make Money Online with PTC Sites as a Beginner in 2022?

How to Make Money Online with PTC Sites as a Beginner in 2022?

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Let me tell you that it doesn’t matter whichever ways you choose to make some money, you have to be careful and follow only the right guidelines.

If you follow the right way, only right things will happen to you. But if you follow wrong things, things might have a negative impact on your financial status.

Today I will discuss PTC sites and how you can use PTC sites to make enough money to be proud of. People don’t usually make a nice income online by clicking on PTC sites and blame the whole PTC concept.

But it’s not always true. You can really earn well.

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This article is quite informative as it consists of almost all the information you need to know about PTC sites and how you can make the most money. So take time to read the article here completely and carefully.

Now it is time to start. This article is going to be pretty lengthy. So I’ve created a table of contents below for easy navigation.

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Before you start working on any PTC site, the most common question that may come to your mind is if it’s really worth your time.

Because it’s hard and takes long time to build good income online from PTC sites. And without referrals, it becomes almost impossible.

But let’s not be discouraging, right now.

If you are just starting online, you should know clearly what PTC sites are and how things work. The following sections will help you know everything.

What Is a PTC Site?

PTC is actually a short form of Paid to Click.

Using these sites would help you earn money for clicking on advertisements. You might ask why someone would pay you for viewing advertisements? But the story is different and you need to understand it clearly.

This is true that someone is never going to pay you if you don’t do anything for them. Someone might pay you if you help that person earn some money.

PTC sites are just an example of how easy it can be to earn online by only visiting advertiser’s websites.

How Does PTC Sites Work?

It all starts with advertisers who want customers for their products and services. Every new website is not so popular that it can get enough number of visitors to attract new customers. Now they look for ways to attract new customers.

A PTC site helps these advertisers to get customers by showing their ads to its members. As a result, advertisers pay them and they pay you for clicks.

Usually you have to log into your member control panel and click on available ads every day. Usually you have to see the advertisements for 30 to 40 seconds.

The amount you would earn varies depending on which PTC site you are using. Not every PTC site would pay you the same amount of money per click.

So the basic concept is very simple. As an user you help a PTC site earn revenue from the advertisers. As a result, they pay you a small portion of it.

But the story doesn’t end here.

Why PTC business works well is that it depends on a common fact that most people in this world want to make money without much effort. As a PTC user, you don’t have to waste long time or effort to make money here.

Most people may not be lazy, but they surely search for a way to make money without much effort. PTC sites are such a business model where a user has almost nothing to do. You just need a computer and internet connection to make money from PTC sites. You may not have to invest a lot of time as long as you are not serious about increasing your overall income.

However, if you want to increase your income, you must be serious.

Looking at the entire business model, it is easy to understand that you need referrals to increase your earnings. It’s only direct referrals that can increase your overall PTC income. So if you are not trying to increase your direct referrals, you are seriously wasting your time.

Authenticity of The Whole PTC Concept

If you search online, you would find that there are hundreds of such PTC sites where you can earn money by clicking on ads.

But it is difficult to understand how many of them are authentic. Because most PTC sites are scam and don’t pay after you reach their payout limit.

These PTC sites have been started just to earn money for them and not for you. You will be used to earn them money.

However, there are many good PTC sites as well where you can expect to earn. These PTC sites are very popular since they genuinely pay. Overtime, their members understand that they are on a legitimate site.

To name some of them are Neobux, Clixsense, Wordlinx and Donkeymails.

These PTC sites have been online for more than two years and honestly paying its members. Since most PTC sites don’t exist for long, any PTC site with more than two years of online presence and good number of positive feed-backs can be called legit. Neobux is the most popular PTC site online.

How to Choose a Legitimate PTC site?

Since most PTC site is scam, it is very difficult to find out some genuine ones.

But it is not as difficult as it may seem. You just need to understand some basic features of a scam site. Then use your intelligence.

Remember, every genuine PTC site has forum so that members can join and share their experiences with other members.

If you are planning to join a particular site, you need to find out if they have any forum or not. Because if they have a forum, you can join and ask other members about their experiences.

Genuine PTC sites wouldn’t bother to have a forum to help its members share good experiences. Only scam sites won’t have any forum for discussions with other members. Check how long the site has been online and the minimum amount you have to earn to be eligible to get paid.

Search Google if you find out any review of the site.

Search Google Image for screenshots of payments. Many members become very happy when they get paid from a PTC site. Genuine PTC sites would ask you to post your payment screenshot in their forums so that other members understand they are genuine. These screenshots get indexed by Google Image.

So Searching Google Image for some payment proofs would be a good idea. Check if the site is changing its terms and conditions or payout policy frequently. Check if they respond to your query if you contact them.

If there is zero support and no communication coming from site admin for days or weeks, the site is surely not genuine.

Please understand that if you are looking for some easy ways to earn huge money, it may not be possible with PTC sites.

Your intelligent mind will tell you to do something valuable for others. This is perhaps the best way to earn money on the internet. It simply doesn’t matter which platform you choose to start your journey.

However, if you are interested in PTC business, it may not be a good choice if you are not sure what you really need to do. Usually, people who join PTC sites to earn some extra income have already other jobs to do. They use their free time to surf the advertisements to earn some money.

The money you could earn from this kind of sites is not so much that you can even leave your present job. Because it will sometimes take months to earn even a few dollars. But still if you are interested in PTC sites to utilize your extra time, follow these common rules to increase your income.

Join Only Old PTC Sites

There are a few thousands of PTC sites you could join. There may be even more than that. Everyday lots of new sites are also coming up in this market. But the question is which of these PTC sites you should really join. You can’t join all of these sites and you shouldn’t .

The best sites you should join must be older than two years. May be, some new sites are genuine. But you can’t take risks. Most PTC sites are scam and don’t stay for long. So if any site stays for a long time even more than two years, you can be sure that the site is genuine.

New sites sometimes pay their members to build trust. Some sites would provide you payment proofs to prove that they really pay. Having lots of payment proofs doesn’t always mean that the site is genuine.

After a few months, they might disappear. An old PTC site doesn’t have to prove that they are genuine. I highly suggest you to join Neobux which is one of best PTC sites of all time.

Join Only Sites with Good Referral Programs

PTC Sites usually have referral programs. Because this is one of the best ways to increase memberships. The more members a PTC Site has, the more popular it is. So obviously, every PTC site will have a referral program. You need to join the sites that provide the best referral programs. Needs referrals, click here.

In Clixsense, they pay upto 8 levels. Of course, you have to upgrade your membership for that. As a standard member, you can earn for one level. But as a premium member, your earning potential is almost limitless.

You don’t only earn when someone upgrades under you, but also when they click on advertisements. For Neobux, they pay only for direct referrals.

It means if your direct referrals refer someone, you earn nothing. But for clixsense, you earn money when your referrals refer someone else.

But after every 24 hours, all the ads in Neobux get refreshed to be clicked again. While Clixsense ads sometimes take long time to refresh. After every 24 hrs, you can expect new ads available to be clicked in Neobux. While Clixsense, sometimes you won’t find any advertisements.

Join PTC Sites with Active Forum

Every legitimate PTC sites will have forums to help their member share their ideas and knowledge with other members. Forums are best place to communicate with other members. You can use the forums to ask questions and share your experiences. Find out the number of members in the forum.

The more members, the more active the forum is.

There must be a special section for payment proofs where members can share their payment proofs. Some sites will ask you to share your payment after getting paid. These sites are legit.

Neobux is one of the PTC sites that ask new members to share payment proofs in their forums. There is nothing wrong in it. It is just a way to make other members trust the site.

Every legitimate and old PTC site has a forum. Even before joining, you can search in Google to find out the experiences of other members. If you don’t find any section where members can share payments, ask yourself if you should join.

Legitimate PTC sites will not be afraid to ask their members to share payment proofs. They won’t stop members to communicate with one another.

Check The Support System of The Site

See if you find any contact form to contact the admin. Ask a question and see how long it takes to reach them and get an answer. If the site real and serious about their business, they will be very active to answer your questions. At least, you will get an automated message for the receipt of your query.

An active contact system makes it clear how the site will work in the future. If the admin doesn’t take care about what you ask or they are not active to answer your questions, the site is going to disappear very soon.

Don’t join the PTC sites that don’t have a good support system.

Check their FAQ section or HELP section to get answers to your questions. See if the answers given are sufficient and detailed. See if there is any rating system for the answers. The best  way to find out if a PTC site is scam is to search in Google with keyword SCAM. Use keywords like Neobux Scam or Clixsense Scam. You will hundreds of results with lots of reviews.

If you want to earn serious money online, these PTC  sites may not be helpful as the amount of money you will earning from them is very little.

But since you don’t have to spend a long time everyday to be able to earn from these sites, it’s a good idea to join some legitimate PTC Websites and spend some time everyday viewing advertisements.

While most PTC Websites turn to be scam after a few months, there are some legitimate PTC Websites that really pay. But the most difficult part is choosing some legitimate PTC sites.

Because most PTC Websites have very complex reviews by people who joined them. Before joining any PTC site, if you search Google for a review of that site, you would most likely find a lot of different kind of reviews. Some would say that it pays. Some would say that it doesn’t. You might also see some payment proofs.

The story behind is that most PTC Websites actually pay its members in the beginning and when they gather significant amount of money from the advertisers, they stop paying. After some time, these PTC sites disappear.

If you take yourself as a owner of a PTC site, you would most probably understand that it’s a nice business where you have a little investment and a lot income in a short amount of time.

The money comes from the advertisers who pay you to get visitors for their products or services. But there some PTC site owners who don’t quit and stick with it. The example would be Neobux.

Perhaps, this is the most popular PTC Website online. Neobux has the most number of positive feedbacks from its users. You may not believe that there are people who earn hundreds of dollars here while this is a PTC site only.

This is why one of my favorites and highly recommended PTC site is Neobux.

Do You Need to Build Your Own PTC site?

It’s not about building your own website and making money with it. It’s about having a different look at the whole business model.

Any business model in this world depends on the customers and the products or services the seller provides. If both the customers and the sellers are not satisfied with the results, the business will not be a success.

As a PTC user, you are the customer and the owners of PTC sites are the sellers. If you are not satisfied with your PTC experience, it doesn’t mean that others feel the same too. If it was, PTC business would have stopped long ago.

The reason why the PTC business is working really well is that a huge number of people are happy with their experience with PTC sites.

Not only the users of PTC sites are happy, but also the owners.

This is what is making this business model extremely profitable. As long as your happiness is concerned, it doesn’t really matter whether you are happy or not, this PTC business will run for an endless time to come.

If you are not happy with your PTC earnings, discover why other members are happy? Are they doing something that you are not doing?

Are they doing something special to increase their PTC earnings or just spending a few minutes clicking on ads every day.

This is a great question and you need to find out the answer by yourself.

Here is small gift from me to increase your income. Get this exclusive PTC Referral Guide that ensures you get good number of direct referrals every day.

Is It Really Worth Your Time?

It can be if you seriously invest your time to get more direct referrals. Remember, your referrals are the backbone of your PTC income. So if you want to increase your earnings from PTC sites, you need to get referrals continuously.

The ways you choose to get these direct referrals have to be wise.

Because you don’t just need direct referrals. But they have to be active to help you make more money on a continuous basis.

If you are unsure about where to start your journey, follow this guide. The strategies described in this guide are followed by veterans who have already made hundreds of referrals.

Getting referrals is not difficult; you just need to follow the right way with proper guidance. There are lots of ways already described online.

But there is nobody to guide you step by step. This guide will help you in your journey to get more direct referrals.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

If you are an active user of PTC sites, this question has surely come to your mind. How worthy is it to invest your time in PTC sites?

Well, it depends on several different factors.

Do you really enjoy making money by clicking advertisements?

If you really enjoy making money from PTC sites, you should stick to it. Because it can be profitable business model if applied in the right way.

Usually, it seems to be difficult to make money from PTC sites. Because the amount of money you earn is not so attractive that you can stick to it for long time. Most people leave PTC sites after a certain time.

The reason these people leave PTC sites is not the amount of money they earn, but the belief that they can’t make more than what they are earning. It is certainly a wrong conception. But it is common in most PTC users.

You must think about it in a different way.

Every day, a lot of new PTC sites are coming in the market. If this business model was not lucrative, why would they start this business?

What is The Best PTC Site?

Neobux is undoubtedly the most popular PTC site.

Neobux is a popular PTC (Paid to Click) site which is mostly famous to help its users earn money by viewing advertisements. Neobux has been around since 2008 and has millions of users ready to view their ads everyday.


Below are some of the common ways you can earn with Neobux:

  • You get paid when you view their advertisements.
  • You get paid to complete simple online surverys.
  • You can earn when you complete simple online tasks.
  • You make money by playing free online games as well.

You can sign up for free and start working on it. If you have never made money online and would like to know make your first dollar, it’s your answer.

Is Neobux Legitimate or Scam?

No, Neobux is not a Scam, but highly Legitimate.

It is a very popular PTC Website, you must know the story behind Neobux.

Neobux started in 2008 as a PTC site where you can register for free and start earning on the same day. As per data the website is registered under NeoDev, Lda. Recently the domain has been registered till 2022.

It only means that the website is going to be online for a long time to come and registering the domain till 2022 only means that Neobux is extremely serious about its business. It is not going to turn as a scam site as it has been online since 2008 and genuinely paying all its members.

Staying active for such a long time and genuinely paying all its members is definitely something to be surprised about when it is a PTC Website.

This is the reason why most people believe that Neobux is not a scam site and it really pays its members.

How to Earn Money at Neobux?

As you know that it is a PTC site, you need to click on ads and view it for at least 30 seconds to get paid. Once you register and login to your account, you start viewing advertisements and earn.

But it doesn’t mean that there will be unlimited number of ads. Everyday the ads get refreshed and you get some fresh ads on the next day.

Although, it is said that you would be earning $0.01 for each of your clicks, you actually earn $0.001 for most of the ads. Depending on the number of ads available everyday, you would be able to earn $0.01 to $0.015 everyday.

Read : How to Really Make $1,000+ Per Month with Neobux?

You need to earn at least $2 to be able to request payout. But everytime you withdraw money from Neobux, the minimum amount to request payout would be increased by $1 and end when you reach $10. From then, the minimum amount would be $10 to be able to request payout.

It actually takes a long time to reach payout as you earn only a few cents everyday. But since you spend only 5 minutes to 10 minutes everyday for viewing ads, it is certainly not a bad idea.

While most people would be discouraged after a certain time, it is still a good choice to earn money online as long as Neobux is genuine and it will pay you.

Is it a Waste of Time?

Absolutely not, as long as Neobux is genuine and it will pay you when you reach your payout. Spending 5 minutes to 10 minutes everyday on Neobux doesn’t affect your way of living. There is a lot of time that you spend everyday doing nothing productive.

So if you spend only 5 – 10 minutes everyday to view Neobux advertisements, it is never going to be a bad decision. However, you don’t have to earn only cents all the time, it is also possible to earn dollars if you follow a simple strategy.

How Much Can You Earn?

The amount of money you earn from this program depends on several different factors. Mostly, it depends on the type of membership you have and the type of advertisements you click. Later, it depends on the number of referrals you have in your account and how many times they click on available advertisements.

At first, you need to know about the different types of membership levels.  If you join Neobux and don’t upgrade yourself, you become a standard member.

By upgrading your membership, you get a chance to earn more. The following chart would make it clear how much you can actually earn.

Their minimum payout is just $2 for the first time you withdraw your earnings. Later, it increases by $1 every time you request an withdrawal.

It keeps increasing until it touches the fixed payout of $10. After requesting an withdrawal, you get paid instantly unless there is any technical problems.

Why Getting Referrals is Crucial for Success?

Getting direct referrals is one of the most important factors to be successful with PTC sites. Because PTC sites usually don’t make you a lot of money.

Referrals are like oxygen that drives your PTC income.

So in case you want to take your PTC income to the next level, having good number of referrals is a MUST. But unfortunately more than 95% of PTC users don’t want to understand it and neglect this fact.

As a result, they fail and at last they decide to quit.

There are people who believe that they can generate good income by working on a lot of PTC sites at the same time.

But let me tell you that this is over-working and it doesn’t really work.

How do I know? Because i have been there.

Let me tell you a secret. If you really want to become successful, do not work on a lot of PTC sites. Don’t join all sites you come across.

Instead, use your time to get high number of referrals for the PTC sites you are already working on. Maximum 2 to 5 PTC sites are absolutely fine.

Have you ever tried to calculate how much time it takes to click on 50 PTC sites?

I bet you didn’t.

There are more than 50 PTC sites and the problem is that most of them don’t work or won’t help you generate much income for you over time.

Instead use your time to work on methods that generate referrals. If you are confused where to start, Check this.

I am not showing you this to boast on my success. In fact, this is really not a lot of money. I have many other businesses online.

But I know i earn a lot more than most of other users.

I just wanted to motivate you if you are discouraged for earning in cents for long on your PTC sites. Neobux is one of the most popular websites in this field and I wanted to try my luck and digital marketing expertise.

Most people don’t believe that PTC sites can make you good money. I wanted to prove them wrong. And here’s where I am now.

It’s not very difficult to be successful if you invest your time to work on getting referrals instead of joining every other PTCs you come across and spend your valuable time clicking only. It’s a bad decision.

So I hope you now understand why getting referrals is crucial for success.

Now let’s calculate how much it takes to click on 50 sites. Suppose you have decided to join a lot of sites so that your earnings may increase. Let’s assume that you have joined 50 sites and click every single day.

If on an average if it takes just 10 minutes to click on one site, it will take over 8 hours to complete clicking on all PTC sites. Let’s assume that you have increased your earnings by 2 cents (which is very rare) on each site. So at the end of the day, you have increased your income by 1 dollar.

Don’t forget the fact that you have to click for 8 long hours without any break at all. It makes this job very very hardworking with a very little reward.

It doesn’t make sense and you will look stupid if you do this.

Listen to me. Choose only 2 to 5 sites and work on it. Click for less than an hour and invest the rest of your time working on some of the best ways to get direct referrals. This idea works and will always work.

If you are a beginner and has just started your PTC journey, you should understand it right now. I realized the danger long ago. Now it’s your turn.

I focused only on Neobux and never moved to other PTC sites. That did not feel right for me. You should do it.

Neobux is already famous and will continue to be there for long.

So it’s the right choice to start your PTC journey.

After having thousands of referrals, you just need around 10 minutes of work a day to click on available ads and see money flowing into your Neobux account. It’s that simple. I just wanted to show you the right path.

How to Increase Neobux Income?

Do you want to increase your Neobux Earnings?

I’m sure, it’s Yes. So read now ……………………

Basically, increasing your Neobux earnings entirely depends on how many referrals you have and how many of them are actively clicking ads.

As far as your income is concerned, you are not going to make money if your referrals are not active. So it becomes very important to increase the number of direct referrals who are active. So what should be your strategies?

You may read this exclusive book, just another small gift from me.

Although, it sounds difficult to make active direct referrals, it’s really not. Those who think that it is difficult haven’t really tried to make even a single referral.

Most of these people just think that it is difficult and don’t try.

Some of them use Some Basic Methods of Getting Referrals and forget all about it. It is NOT the way someone is ever going to be successful.

You have to be determined to reach your goal. Remember, if you want to get something you have never had, you need to do something you have never done.

There are people who are making hundreds of referrals every month and earning lots of money from them.

Visit Neobux Forum. You would see how many referrals some members have and this is real. Have you ever asked yourself how they did it?

You may still ask … Why?

The simple answer is that they have done something that you have never done. If you want to be one of these people, you should follow the right guidelines. Don’t make yourself a fool by thinking that it is not possible to make active referrals.

Before you refer someone new to Neobux, you need to give them enough reasons to be active. Tell them about the benefits of being active. When your referrals will feel it, they will stay active for long.

You may have already understood that if you are serious about your PTC earnings, you need to be serious about getting referrals. This is the best way to increase your income on Neobux and any other PTC sites.

Increase Earnings From Rented Referrals

If you don’t have time that you can invest to make direct referrals, there is another way to increase your earnings. You need to rent referrals. These referrals will work for you as long as you keep them.

You need to recycle your referrals if they are not active. The biggest problem is that there is no guarantee that the referrals you get will be active.

As Neobux says, they try to give you the best active referrals. But they don’t guarantee that they will be active after you rent them. These are the people who join Neobux directly without using any referral link.

As nobody can say or predict human behavior, Neobux can’t tell you how long they will stay active. It makes it a little more difficult to rent these referrals. However, the story is not the same always.

People have proved that using rented referrals, you can even earn $30 to $40 per day from Neobux. You need to follow the right strategy with some proper guidelines. Of course, you need spend some money in the beginning. But it’s fine as long as it has a potential for a continuous residual income from your referrals.

Usually, beginners are afraid to use these techniques to make money. Users of most PTC sites generally have enough time that they want to utilize by clicking ads. You don’t really want to spend money to increase their income. A few cents are enough for them to be happy.

If you are one of these people, don’t think about it so much.

But if you are serious about it, don’t waste your time. Rather, invest your time doing something valuable.

How to Earn More Money on Neobux?

How to make big money on Neobux?

This is a question that almost everyone asks when they first join Neobux. If you have already read the article that I previously mentioned, you may have already understood what is the strategy all about. Everything actually depends on Referrals. Referrals are the people you have referred to Neobux.

Once you join for the first time and click at least 100 ads, Neobux will give you a referral link. You can promote your referral links to make people sign up under you. Once someone joins, they become your referrals.

Neobux pays you when any of your referrals click on ads. It means that if you manage to have a good number of direct referrals, you could easily earn in dollars. The difficult part is that getting direct referrals is quite difficult and takes a long time to reach at least 100 direct referrals. But it’s NOT impossible.

The good part is that Neobux gives you a chance to rent Referrals. It means that you can hire people to click for you. If you pay Neobux, it will give you Referrals on a monthly basis. These Referrals are actually people who joined Neobux directly without any Referral link.

Most of the time, the amount of money you earn for the clicks a referral makes is more than the monthly fee you pay. You actually pay 30c to Neobux per referral. But a referral might click so many ads that you earn more than 30c monthly from that referral. So you are getting a profit.

Now if you have hundreds of referrals, you could easily manage to earn a few dollars everyday as long as your referrals are actively clicking on ads everyday.

While most of your referrals would actively click on ads, there are also referrals who don’t click. In that senario, Neobux makes it possible for you to easily recycle those referrals with new ones.

Of course, there is a charge and it is 7c which is not so bad. If you calculate your earnings now, you’d understand that you are really making profit.

My Secret Referral Blueprint

Direct referrals are the backbone of your Neobux income.

Click here to read my secret referral blueprint to increase your Neobux referrals. It shares a lot of underused, little-known secret methods to get lots of direct referrals on a continuous basis.

Over the last 7 years I have tested many different methods to get direct referrals for my PTC sites. Some worked and some didn’t.

But I learnt my lesson and continued testing.

Below are some of the best ways I found helpful, to increase your direct referrals on Neobux or any other PTC sites.

My Final Words

So my final word is this… Do it.

I’ve revealed every last detail you need to know about PTC sites. All you need to do now is actually put it into action.

You really have no excuse. I know there are a lot of systems out there that are kind of complicated, or that require a lot of work/capital to start up.

But with this you truly have no excuse.

It doesn’t cost anything and I’ve really covered everything you need to know down to the very last detail.

All that’s left now is to put what you’ve here learned into action. That, and make some money of course, with PTC sites.

And well, it’s been quite a ride… But all good things must come to an end.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed it, I certainly enjoyed writing it.

I wish you the absolute best of luck in your future financial ventures and remember that it always seems impossible until it is done.

Please share it if you feel it’s helpful and useful.

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