7 Types of Blogs that Make the Most Money with Examples

7 Types of Blogs that Make the Most Money with Examples

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Want to know about the types of blogs that make the most money online? If so, you are in the right place as I’ll show you the most popular type of blogs that are most profitable with real examples.

Let’s start with a question:

I want to start my blog and I also want to make money online but I don’t know which niche should I choose?

If this statement is stopping you to start your blog then you’re at the right place.

There are some specific niches in blogging that make the most revenue.

These niches aren’t rare.

But due to the lack of awareness, bloggers don’t opt for them.

They choose any random niche and when it doesn’t generate profit, they give up on blogging.

That’s the biggest mistake.

Every niche isn’t profitable.

And even if you choose a popular niche, it doesn’t mean you’ll end up making money from it.

That’s why I always recommend choosing your niche wisely.

Types of Blogs that Make the Most Money

It’s always better to take advice from an expert before you decide your niche.

Or more good is to search the Internet about the scope of your niche in the blogosphere especially when your intention is to make money from blogging.

But don’t worry…

If you’ve decided to set up your blog but still not sure about the niche, I’m here to help.

In this blog, I’ll take you to the 7 types of blogs that give outstanding results in terms of money.

Here are the 7 best types of blogs that make the most money:

  1. Blogs based on making money online
  2. Blogs based on food or recipes
  3. Blogs about personal finance
  4. Blogs based on health & fitness topics
  5. Fashion blogs
  6. Lifestyle blogs
  7. Marketing blogs

And also, you’d love writing for these types of blogs because there’s so much to write and learn about these topics.

So, before I start with the topics, I want you to learn some rules of blogging which will apply to any niche you choose.

Rule#1: Write and Analyze

When you have chosen your niche, start with blogging immediately.

Don’t wait for your audience because you won’t have any audience at the start.

Write regularly.

Stop after 30-50 different blogs.

And analyze which blogs are getting more views on your site.

You can track the results on Google Analytics – a tool to monitor your website traffic in depth. It also tells about your audience’s gender, age, and regions.

Now, after getting the results, expand your broad niche into a specific one.

For a better analysis, write more because the quality feedback on the number of articles will let you finalize the niche.

Rule#2: Stay Consistent

If you ask all the famous bloggers the secret to success.

They’d say only one thing which is…


And it’s the key to blogging.

So, set up your weekly and monthly targets in a content calendar and write according to the schedule without delays.

Write extra blogs when you have free time so you don’t have to force yourself to write when you don’t feel like writing.

Sounds good?

Rule#3: Write SEO optimized posts

You’ll make a big mistake if you don’t consider SEO right from the start.

It’s the method of generating organic traffic to your site.

So, whatever niche you choose, always start with the keywords research with free tools like Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, and Google Autosuggest.

And include those keywords in your blogs.

Because without SEO, you can miss a huge chunk of traffic to your site.

Now, with these 3 rules in mind, let me take you to the 7 most profitable niche for blogging.

1. Make Money Online

In the internet-driven world, everyone wants to make money online but don’t know how to start.

There’s a huge potential in this niche if you really know how to make money online.

It’s because people are always searching for the best tips and tricks on making money and how-to guides.

And even after 10 years, this will remain the most profitable niche.

The income generation methods might change but people’s interests will remain the same.

With a blog like this, if you offer people courses, premium content, and eBooks, they would buy it without any doubt.

It’s because they also want to make money, travel the world, or buy their dream car and house.

But does that mean you should start right away with this blog?

Absolutely Not!

This is a sensitive niche and those who’ve experienced in this niche can only become successful.

You can advise people only when you’ve traveled the same road otherwise you’d be known as a Lame Blogger who’s just copying the other professionals in the niche.

And if you’re the one who started this topic with real knowledge and experience you can easily earn $10,000+/month.

Secondly, this type of blog addresses people’s problems and gives them solutions.

So, even if you run out of content ideas, your audience queries in your inbox will motivate you to write.

The best part: With real-time solutions, you can multiply your blogging income and earn more than you have imagined.

Take this example of Smart Passive Income.

The home to the best money making guides which emphasize each and every method of passive income.

From starting your online business to helping entrepreneurs scale their revenue, it’s the best platform to invest your time and money.

And also the perfect example of the niche which is generating above $100,000 per month.

The second great example is Ryan Robinson.

Ryan Robinson Website

From freelancing to starting a side hustle to make money blogging, Ryan offers highly valuable suggestions through his blog.

If you’re looking to become a credible blogger of this niche, then Ryan is the best to learn from.

He draws $40,000+ monthly income with his blog.

Some Tips:

Go with this niche when you’ve tried making money online and feel ready to help people.

Give your best advice to people so they can trust you with everything you offer.

Evolve according to the audience queries such as give answers to the questions which you’re most asked for.

Share your income report to keep it all transparent and also to build your loyal readership.

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2. Food

My second niche is for the one who loves eating and also wants to make it a full-time job.

That’s true!

You can make a living by eating, cooking, or reviewing the best food places if you decide to turn it all into a blog.

Because in tough times, people can cut their shopping habits but they can’t resist good food.

It’s the basic need and the way of people to entertain themselves.

Also, it’s an excuse to celebrate with your friends and family.

That’s why food blogs are famous and are always in-demand.

Now, by food, it doesn’t mean you need to share recipes only.

You can also:

  • Share food reviews
  • Best restaurants for lunch and dinner
  • How to cook
  • Diet blog
  • What to eat and what not

Or any other specific sub-topic you want.

For example, the well-known blog Deliciously Ella started small as a personal cookbook but later evolved into a famous blog.

It now has five cookbooks, a yoga app, and a wide range of products that also generates passive income in the background.

Deliciously Ella Website

Now, it’s not only the source for plant-based food but also an inspiration to start Food blogging and earn money from it.

People love food and when you’ll offer something really delicious, you will be known for it.

Another great example is Pinch of Yum who generates $50,000+/month in revenue through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, ads display, and eBooks.

Pinch of Yum

So, if you also want to start a food blog, here I offer some tips for you.

In the initial phase of your blog, go with the ad revenue methods because it’s hard to generate revenue through a cookbook if you aren’t famous.

Sponsored posts also work for the monetization of a food blog so focus on increasing your website’s authority and then ping food brands to write for them.

Focus on attractive pictures for your food blog as they interest the audience and make them crave for the recipe.

And the best part?

You can also become an affiliate to other brands or cookbooks until you have your own product.

3. Personal Finance

Do you know when I started generating my blogging income, I didn’t understand how to manage my finances.

Where to invest?

How to Save?

How to do budgeting?

And how to make the most of my money?

Then I came across Millenial Money and it changed my way of managing the finances.

Millennial Money

Now, I know how to save, how to make, and how to grow.

And that’s what personal finances blogs are meant for.

They teach you to be rich by making the best move at the right time.

And they are highly in-demand because people are always looking for advice to save and to invest.

It’s third in the list but the niche is quite profitable especially for the future.

So, if “Finances” interests you and you can offer the real deal of this niche then it’s the best blog to reach your blogging goals.

Take the example of Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents who’s a certified financial planner and also helping people improve their financial wellbeing.

Good Financial Cents

By educating people with the finances, he’s not only growing his reach but also generating passive income through ads, affiliate, and online consultation.

The other most credible blog in this niche is Making Sense of Cents that generates above $10k per month.

So, now that you know the scope of this niche, let’s head to some valuable tips.

  • Work on building your subscribers list from the start because that will help you to maximize your blogging income.
  • Write for others to drive early traffic to your site and also to grow your blogging audience.
  • Make videos or podcasts to give people in-depth suggestions about personal finances because the more you tell, the more people will engage and look forward to your advice.

Trust Me!

If you do it well, you can earn the highest profit in this niche because this is what people are always looking up to.

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4. Health & Fitness

Who doesn’t want to live a healthy hundred years?

Obviously, everyone wants to live long.

And also, people want to look good so they can be the center of attention every time.

And do you know what the amazing part of this niche is?

There’s a lot of affiliate income potential in it.

If you only open Amazon and search health products and supplements, you’ll come across a huge range of products.

Covid19 has also taught us the importance of health.

So, in the post-COVID world, people will always be looking for ways to be healthy.

And the best part?

It’s a broad niche so you can choose a specific category and become an expert in that niche.

In the health category, your niches can be:

  • How to stay healthy after 30?
  • How to live longer?
  • Best food and exercises for healthy living
  • How stay-at-home moms can live a healthy life?
  • Healthy lifestyle for 9 to 5 workers

And more like these.

If you start a health blog and do really well in this niche, I guarantee you won’t be starving anytime.

Because that’s an evergreen niche and an opportunity to evolve to the trending needs of the audience.

For example, who doesn’t know about this popular blog “Healthline?”

It covers all the tips and tricks on health, fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing.

The authentic source for all the credible information on health.

Healthline blogging site

Plus, it also generates money through affiliate marketing, advertising, and sponsored posts.

Its annual income is above $100M.

Isn’t that amazing?

Or if you’re looking for more motivation, see this Nerd Fitness blog which draws six-figure income easily per month.

Considering these blogs, you can also start yours because it’s a profitable niche today and will remain the same in the coming years as well.

Some Tips to Add

  • Offer ‘High-Value” in your content because it’s about Health so you can’t afford to mislead your audience.
  • Choose an affiliate product that you’ve tried and tested yourself and are hundred percent satisfied with it.
  • Don’t copy other health bloggers, explore your potential, and offer unique content that you want to be known for.
  • If you’re recommending some medicines or supplements to your audience, research about it as one poor product can affect someone’s health.
  • Stick to the niche and keep looking for ways to maximize your income even when it requires creating your own product.

I hope that’s enough for now.

Let me keep the rest for you to explore.

5. Fashion

There are no “one-size fits all” in the fashion world.

And the same goes for the choice.

People want to look unique, trendy, and also the most stylish with their appearance.

This makes the ‘fashion’ in demand.

But when it comes to fashion, not every blog in this niche can make a six-figure income.

Fashion is a broad category and under this umbrella, there is a multitude of niches such as:

  • Luxury fashion
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Men fashion
  • Women fashion
  • Kids fashion
  • Corporate fashion

And so on…

So, if you want to make money with a fashion blog, choosing luxury fashion for men, women, and kids can help you to reach your income goals.

According to ZipRecruiter, a fashion blogger in the United States earns an average of $37,534 per year.

It also depends on the number of your audience and the daily traffic you receive on your website.

For example, meet Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen who’s a full-time fashion blogger and generate enough money to support her lifestyle and family.

Most of her income is through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts as fashion brands are always looking for bloggers to promote their products.

But with a fashion blog, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re into fashion, you can start with tips and tricks and later create your own product or a style that becomes your signature.

And the more your voice will click people, the higher will be the revenue.

Another successful fashion blog is Song of style having a website of 70+ domain authority and 30K+ Instagram followers.

So, like these two, you can also start your Fashion blog and explore what best works for you in the niche.

But one thing is guaranteed…

When your website will become a remarkable one in the niche, you’re going to get good sponsorship and advertisement offers.

So, dedicate your time to establish your website and let the Millions flow from it.

One more thing…

The fashion niche is a profitable one but also the competition is higher so you really need to work hard and smart to build a reputable blog.

Some Tips to add

  • Create your social accounts on Pinterest and Instagram to build your audience for a fashion blog because both these platforms are the best source of traffic for this niche.
  • Style your content because for a fashion blog, style matters.
  • Fashion is always evolving so it’s important to stick with the trends.
  • Affiliate marketing paid partnerships and sponsored posts are the best methods to generate passive income in this niche.

Are you excited to start a fashion blog now?

6. Lifestyle

Have you ever missed an article that says?

“How to decorate your home within $100?”


“How to make a photo frame in 10 minutes?”

Probably, No?

People also don’t miss these Lifestyle blogs.

They continuously look for ways to evolve their lifestyle, furnish their homes, or make their garden beautiful.

And if you have a ton of advice in this niche then what’s the wait for?

I understand, your concern is money.

So, let me introduce you to the most successful lifestyle blog ‘Just a girl and her blog’ which is run by Abby Lawson.

Just a girl and her blog

She earns more than $40,000/month and most of her income is through affiliate marketing.

She not only entertains but also educates her audience about how to make lifestyle better and beautiful.

So, when it comes to a Lifestyle blog, her place becomes the go-to choice for the audience.

There are many topics in the lifestyle category which you can choose for your blog such as:

  • Gardening
  • Beauty
  • Home decor
  • Minimalist living
  • Best home furniture
  • Best lifestyle tips
  • Self-care
  • Family

And more!

The second most successful and revenue-generating blog is “Cup of Joe.

It offers solutions on home designing, travel, relationships, motherhood, and shopping which are a lot of topics and also the reason behind the fame of this blog.

Cup of Joe

What’s the reason behind the success of this niche?

In these types of blogs, people receive advice that comes from real-life experience.

Secondly, these blogs are focused on “You.”

Once you enter this niche, you can explore endless possibilities to grow with time.

You can choose to become an affiliate or display ads in your niche.

Whatever method you choose, if you keep it consistent for a year, you can make $100-5000+/month in the start.

And later when you become experienced, you can maximize to six-figure or even seven-figure income per month.


  • Focus on educating the audience and solving their pain points.
  • Keep your site clean and simple so it doesn’t overwhelm your visitors.
  • Pinterest is the best to generate blog traffic with a lifestyle niche.

Looking for more?

How about giving it a try and learning from your experience?

Now, the last niche.

Any guesses?

7. Marketing

Online businesses and brands are dependent on one thing which is…


It’s in-demand today and in the future when everything will be online, the demand will rise.

According to Forbes, Moz and Copyblogger are some of the most successful blogs to earn outlandish income every year.

And they both belong to the online world.

Moz Homepage

Similarly, SEMrush blog ranks 2,936 in worldwide engagement.

SEMrush Blog

Again, marketing is a broad niche.

Once you started you can evolve to a specific niche such as:

  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • B2B Strategies

And more!

The best way to earn with a marketing blog is through offering online courses and webinars.

That’s because there are a lot of people who are looking to join this field and learn everything about it.

So, if you’re someone who knows how to empower your audience with the best marketing strategies this niche can be for you.

In terms of money, there’s a high scope in it because a good marketing blog is the best spot for online businesses to promote their product or services.

Also, these blogs provide valuable insights so there’s a good opportunity of building a loyal readership from this niche.

Some Tips

  • Optimize your content and make your titles stand out. There’s already everything on the Internet so if you want to mark your identity, you’ll need to be Unique.
  • Start working on building your email list from scratch. It will add to your revenue in the future.
  • Create skimmable content because everyone doesn’t read it word to word. They just go through the main points or headings to understand the message.
  • Use visuals, statistics, and case studies to validate your point.

If you do it ‘Right’ then it will be ‘You’ only making a difference in the world of marketing.

Now, imagine your dollars.


You finally learned the 7 most profitable niches of blogging.

Are you still confused about how to choose one?

I have these 3 best solutions for you:

1: Which topic interests you the most?

Many people don’t find their passion when they start blogging.

And that’s okay!

Instead of finding your passion, choose the topic which interests you.

You don’t need to know everything about it. Basic information is fine.

If you have the feeling that you can go well with the topic then start right away.

Read my step by step guide to start a blog.

It will be helpful for you.

2: Start with a Broad Niche

Marketing is an umbrella term.

There’s a lot of topics underneath.

But if marketing attracts you then start with marketing.

And later stick to the sub-topics which you’ll discover with time.

So, don’t need to worry about everything in your initial phase.

Just start and stick to what’s coming your way.

3: Adopt to your Audience Feedback

Your readers play a great role in building your blog.

When I started blogging, I was also spared into a broader niche.

But then I realized that I want people to start Blogging and also my audience needs it.

So I come this way.

And till today, I’ve been successful in encouraging people to set up their blog and start their journey to dollars.

I started and adopted to my audience preference.

That’s how your audience let you evolve.

And that’s the tip: Start with a broad niche and later evolve to your audience queries and feedback.

The reader’s response will let you grow your blog with time and also the passive income.

Ready to Start Your Blog?

Now, you have the best tips and the niches that are high in demand.

How about starting your blogging journey?

If you enjoyed reading this blog or have any questions in mind, feel free to write it below and I’d love to answer them for you.

Don’t forget to share it in your network because I want everyone to be aware of these valuable niches. Don’t you?