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Why Most Bloggers Fail? [8 Top Reasons to Know as a New Blogger]

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Why do most bloggers fail? Is this the question that is troubling your mind and is making you think and wonder? If yes, then this is the right place that will help you understand the reasons why most new bloggers fail in their blogging careers.

Why Most Bloggers Fail

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Why do most bloggers fail? Is this the question that is troubling your mind and is making you think and wonder? If yes, then this is the right place that will help you understand the reasons why most new bloggers fail.

You might be a new blogger or an old one; it doesn’t really matter as we all make mistakes when we start something. Some of our mistakes might not cost us greatly but some of them can lead to the downfall of our blog.

Well, I know what exactly you are thinking right now.

Because I’ve been there.

When I first started my blog back in 2009, I had a plan of creating the most successful blog in my niche.

But I realized that it was not easy to achieve this target if you don’t focus on the right things and do all your activities in the right manner.

So, what does it take to create a successful blog?

You might have heard this question more times than you can count on your fingers. Here is the answer to this question of many bloggers who are struggling to achieve success in their blogging careers.

Just keep reading if you want to find more about it.

And I promise, by the time you will reach the end of this blog post, you will have a clear idea about why most bloggers fail.

Here are the 8 top reasons why most bloggers fail:

1. Lacking Focus and Direction

Sell Your Services

I know what you would be thinking now after finding out that I’m going to talk about lack of focus and direction.

How can one blog lack focus and direction? You might be thinking that I’m very stupid or something like that.

No, it’s not what you think.

Yes, the lack of focus and direction is a major reason why most blogs fail but still, many bloggers don’t get what I am trying to say here.

What do I mean by lack of focus and direction?

I don’t think you got it yet.

Let me tell you what I mean by lack of focus and direction in simple words.

When bloggers start blogging, they don’t have a specific niche or know which type of content they should write about. This is the reason why many new bloggers fail because they start blogging without any focus or direction.

They try to write about everything.

But unfortunately, writing about everything can work against you when it’s about blogging for money. Because the most important thing in blogging is having a target audience. And, if you can’t focus on your target audience, it’s going to be very difficult for you to make money from your blog.

That’s why you should select your blogging niche carefully. Because it determines whether or not you will become a successful blogger.

So, as a beginner blogger, your focus should be selecting a specific niche. Then produce excellent content (preferably better than the ones ranked on Google’s first page for your targeted keyword/topics).

Once you choose your niche, make a plan on how to make your blog successful and where you want to take it.

And, work on it every day until you achieve your goal.

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2. Lack of Authority

A Girl Looking at Laptop

If you are thinking that lack of authority is not a big deal then you should think again because it’s one of the worst things that can happen with your blog. With lack of authority, what I mean is the lack of trust factor in your blog.

Your readers won’t trust you and if they don’t trust you. They will leave your blog soon enough and this is the reason why most blogs fail.

Trust usually comes from the quality of content you produce.

When you are an expert, it’s easy to create valuable content for your blog. But, if you are not, it’s quite hard to create quality content in your niche.

Even if you outsource your content to some expert, you will still fail to achieve success. Because it will be difficult to judge the quality of content your writers are producing. So, it’s always a good idea to choose a niche about which you have at least a little bit of knowledge. Of course, you can always keep learning.

Also, most bloggers are impatient.

Blogging takes time like any other business. It will take time to produce a decent amount of content on your website.

You can’t get rich quickly. It doesn’t work way. But, most bloggers are impatient and they want to grow their blog rapidly. They are only interested in the results, not the process. So, they don’t follow a proper strategy that can help them generate more traffic on their websites.

Also, creating amazing content is not always enough.

When I was just starting my blog, I didn’t know that it would take a lot of time to build trust. I used to think that if I create great content then people will surely read and trust me. But after struggling for many months, I realized that there are actually some other important things I should know.

Mainly, it’s not enough to produce quality content.

This is not enough if you want to build authority fast. When people come across your blog for the first time, they will judge your blog with their own eyes. So, if your blog looks spammy then they will leave as soon as possible.

So, you should care about the design too. Because one of the major reasons why people stop reading a post is due to poor design.

If your readers find your blog’s design spammy and they don’t like it, then they will leave your website within a few seconds.

3. Poor Quality Content

Quality Matters

When you don’t have quality content, it’s almost impossible for you to achieve success. You can’t make money from a blog with low-quality content. It’s not going to work. Because it will be HARD to compete with other bloggers.

You won’t be able to grow your blog exponentially if you don’t have good content on your website. It’s also one of the reasons why most blogs fail.

So, if you want to grow your blog quickly, you should focus on producing quality content on a consistent basis.

Nobody wants to read a blog that has poor-quality content.

Your readers won’t even take a second look at your blog if they find its design spammy and content low-quality.

So, how to make sure you are producing great content?

One of the best ways to do it is by researching on Google for your topic. Because Google AI is pretty smart at judging the quality of a post.

Check out the articles on Google’s first page for the topic you want to write about. Read them and analyze what makes their content great.

Analyze the length of their articles too. Because it’s quite possible that they may have written better content than you in fewer words. So, you should take this into consideration before starting to write on the topic.

Basically, you should learn from the best and produce quality content like them if you want to succeed in blogging.

If the first-page content is good enough, you can also consider outsourcing or writing your content to match their standards.

You can try creating a better version of the content.

Additionally, I would suggest checking out grammatical errors or broken links in your post. If you find any errors, correct them before publishing your post. Because it will leave a bad impression on your readers.

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4. Not Optimizing for Keywords

It’s important to optimize your blog posts with the right keywords so that they can rank high in Google. Unless you are already ranked on the first page of Google for your targeted keywords, it’s nearly impossible for your blog to grow.

How you optimize your blog posts determines how well you’ll be ranked.

So, you should focus on optimizing your posts with the right keywords if you want to rank high on search engines and succeed in blogging.

As a beginner, it is recommended to use long-tail keywords for your posts. You can check out some tools like SEMrush Keyword Magic tool or Ahrefs to choose the right keywords for your blog posts.

Long-tail keywords are much better because they are easier to rank with. Not only this, but it will also bring in more targeted traffic to your blog.

For example, if you want to write a post on “how to lose belly fat”, you should use keywords like “how to lose belly fat naturally for women”. It will be easier to optimize and rank the post with this keyword compared to the first one.

The reason?

Long-tail keywords are much easier to rank with. Because these keywords have more words in them. Long-tail keywords also receive fewer searches on Google. So, there’s usually less competition, which makes it easier to rank high for them than other general keywords that receive a lot of searches.

If you want to grow your blog quickly, you should optimize every post of yours with a relevant keyword (it’s better to focus on long-tails). You should optimize your posts for the long-tail keywords that bring in a lot of traffic.

Additionally, you should optimize your posts for a keyword if it has a reader intent. This means that people are actually searching for this keyword.

If you can do it, it won’t be difficult to rank your posts.

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5. Not Producing Enough Content

Create Your Blog and Write Blog Posts

If you want to run a successful blog, only creating great content is not enough. But, you’ll need a large number of high-quality content.

While quality content is highly important, writing a few blog posts is not going to move your needle in terms of traffic.

You should publish at least 5 high-quality posts per week if you don’t want to stay anonymous in the blogging world. If you are a new blogger, start with around 3 blog posts per week, if possible.

Then increase the number gradually when your blog starts to grow.

I know it will be hard for you to publish that many posts.

But, it’s hard because you don’t have enough knowledge about blogging or content marketing. You will soon get better at writing blog posts when you start doing it. So, publishing a large number of high-quality content is important for gaining more traffic and growing your blog quickly.

I would recommend outsourcing the content to get more high-quality posts quickly. But, make sure it’s of top-notch quality. Otherwise, it could damage your blog’s reputation and make your readers leave.

Having a substantial amount of content is important for your blog’s growth because this is how you’ll build authority in the blogging world.

Many people in the blogging industry will judge you based on the number of blog posts you have on your website. So, you should publish a large number of high-quality blog posts from day one to establish authority.

You can slow down the pace of your content production once you get at least 100-200 blog posts published. But, until then, continue publishing quality posts regularly to establish your authority in the blogging world.

Although quality is important, quantity is another crucial part. Creating a high volume of high-quality content is not possible for a single blogger. Most small bloggers write 2-3 articles in a week. Some of them may write only 1.

A very high percentage of bloggers create just 2-3 blog posts or just one 1 post in a month. They are really not building a money-making blog.

Unfortunately, these bloggers are not going to be successful easily. It will take a very long time to make any significant impact on the web.

One of the articles may be successfully attracting hundreds of unique visitors every day. But you can’t depend on that single article. You need hundreds of such articles that will flood your blog with visitors.

You will have to work really hard to make it possible.

While I don’t agree with creating lots of content, I recommend you do so if you can. Just remember, creating the right kind of content is more important. Tons of irrelevant content is not going to help you at all. The right kind of content means content with information people are looking for.

If you ever visit any of the highest-earning blogs on the web, you’ll find the volume of content they produce every single day. Some of the famous blogs publish more than 100 articles in a day. Of course, they have a team of writers.

When thousands of articles are indexed by search engines like Google or Bing, you’ll have a much better chance to get found.

6. No Promotion

Promote Your Blog Consistently

You cannot just produce high-quality content and wait for people to come and read your blog. You need to promote your blog and get it in front of as many people as possible. If you don’t do this, you won’t gain any traction.

It’s the quickest way to grow traffic and get more readers. If you don’t promote your blog, the chances are that it will never grow.

No one will find your blog posts unless you promote them. Promoting your blog posts is essential for driving targeted traffic to your blog.

Not promoting your posts will not only hinder the growth of your blog but also make it difficult to get any conversions.

Unfortunately, new bloggers don’t put a lot of effort into promoting their blog posts. It’s one of the main reasons why most blogs never grow beyond a few visitors per day. You should spend at least 50% of your time promoting your content.

I know it can be hard in the beginning, especially if you are new to blogging. But, this is what everyone has done or doing to promote their blog posts.

You should do it for your blog too.

With enough effort, you’ll be able to attract more people from the first day itself. And, it will slowly start growing as you keep on adding new blog posts.

If you are not driving targeted traffic to your website, it’s difficult for your blog to gain massive exposure and grow quickly.

To make money blogging, you’ll need a large number of visitors. If you don’t have any targeted traffic, you are basically wasting your time.

Many bloggers make the huge mistake of not investing in traffic when they start a new blog. Unfortunately, you cannot make money from a few visitors. It requires a large number of targeted visitors.

It will take time to attract enough visitors if you are starting from scratch. So, you should promote at least 1-2 posts from day one. Or, your can buy targeted traffic to grow your blog quickly.

Most new bloggers fail to understand this in the beginning. So, they waste months and years without making any money from their blog.

7. Not Having Your Own Domain

What Is a Domain Name

If you want to start a blog and actually build a business, you need to have your own domain. It’s one of the most important aspects you can’t ignore.

You cannot compete with other blogs in your niche if you don’t have a domain of your own. You need to become an authority figure in the blogging world and leave a long-lasting impression on your readers.

That’s why you need to have your own domain if you want to grow your blog into a business that makes money.

Creating a blog on free blogging sites like or is good to get started, but you won’t be able to rank well in Google without your own domain. It’s difficult to get any organic traffic or enough exposure.

You won’t be able to build a brand online. You’ll just be another new blogger who failed to grow his blog into a business.

Free blogging sites are good when you treat blogging as your hobby, but if you want to grow your blog and build a successful business online, you’ll need your own domain. Basically, you should own your blog.

You should buy a domain and web hosting account.


Then, install a blogging software (preferably choose WordPress) on your domain and set up your blog.

You can get a free domain from HostGator when signing up for their hosting plans. I recommend HostGator because I personally use it and it’s one of the best and cheapest hosting companies out there.

When you buy a domain and hosting to set up your blog, you practically own your blogging business. Because your blog is not hosted on any third-party sites. Also, you don’t look professional if it’s hosted on free blogging sites. So, you should buy your own domain and host it with a reliable hosting company like HostGator.

You should read this article to learn how to create your own blog using WordPress and other blogging tips for beginners.

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8. Comparing Yourself to Others

This is one of the biggest mistakes that most bloggers make.

They compare themselves with other popular bloggers who are already in the field for years. Most new bloggers want to be one of these bloggers.

They read tips and tricks to be successful in blogging. They read hundreds of articles through the internet to discover the secret of their success.

As a result, they waste a lot of the valuable time they should have spent on creating awesome content. Comparing themselves with other successful bloggers makes them feel bad. They start to realize its difficulty. They start to feel that they can’t do it. As a result, they quit blogging.

But, these new bloggers forget that they can’t compare themselves with someone already in the field of blogging for years. They would definitely have a better audience. They will definitely have a better social media presence.

They may have already written hundreds of high-quality articles. They would definitely have a lot more articles indexed in search engines.

As a result, they would have more visitors.

Although it doesn’t happen to everyone, most new bloggers fall into this trap and quit blogging. I should definitely mention that most bloggers want to make money from the very beginning. It is the wrong choice.

As a blogger, you can’t expect to earn a lot of money until or unless your blog is successful enough to attract enough visitors.

It may sound harsh. But it’s true.

What to do to become a successful blogger?

To get started, you should focus on writing high-quality articles and helping your visitors. Write only high-quality content and promote them proactively. The more high-quality content you can write the better. Be patient and don’t beg for links. Provide quality and the right people will link to you in the right way.

As a result, you will soon realize that your blog is growing.

Remember, it takes time. But, it really works.

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Final Thoughts – Why Bloggers Fail

No one wants to fail, right?

But unfortunately, most new bloggers fail to create a successful blog. They don’t have a good enough reason that keeps them going and keep on blogging daily. Most of the time they quit blogging within a few weeks or months.

But honestly, that’s not the way it should be. You should always stay positive and keep on blogging consistently even when you get tired.

The good thing is that I’ve helped many new bloggers overcome the blogging obstacles and grow their blogs into a profitable businesses.

In fact, many of them have thanked me for saving their time.

If you don’t want to make at least $1000 per month from your blog within the first 6 months, you should read Blogging from ZERO. In this book, I have discussed how you can start making money from your blog as fast as possible.

Finally a small request:

If you found value in the article, please share it. It really helps me to grow as a blogger and also helps people who read this article.

Thanks in Advance! 🙂

Over to You: What’s your biggest blogging obstacle? How did you overcome it? I would love to know. You can send me an email.