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In this CBengine review, we’ll take a closer look at CBengine, and we will also understand what CBengine is and how it can be of great help to both new affiliates and experienced affiliate marketers in maximizing their ClickBank profits.

In a nutshell, CBengine is an exceptional, but powerful ClickBank product analytics tool that lets you discover the absolute best products within the ClickBank marketplace.

If you are into the affiliate marketing business and mostly deal with ClickBank products, this is an essential tool.

This ClickBank tool helps you find the best products and boost your affiliate sales.

As a ClickBank affiliate, understanding the performance of various products is essential. However, with the sheer volume of products available, keeping track of everything manually is nearly impossible.

Yes, you might be thinking, ClickBank already provides a few metrics about each product.

Examples include:

  • Initial $/Sale
  • Avg %/Sale
  • Avg Rebill Total
  • Avg %/Rebill
  • Gravity

While these metrics offer some insights, they often fall short of providing comprehensive data.

To make informed decisions and select products with a proven track record of conversions and profitability, you need deeper insights – and that’s where CBengine comes to the rescue.

This ClickBank analyzer offers advanced filters that help you to explore trending and highly profitable products on ClickBank, empowering you to make well-informed and lucrative choices.

So, this CBengine review will dive deeper into the features and benefits of using CBengine.

What Is CB Engine?

CBengine Marketplace

CB Engine is a powerful ClickBank analyzer tool that lets you discover the best products that you can promote and make the most amount of money from your marketing efforts.

With an impressive array of over 30 different filters, CB Engine helps you make informed decisions based on key metrics such as sales, commission percentage, price, and more. You can unleash your potential and maximize your income online as you confidently promote the right ClickBank products to success.

And, the best part? It is free to start and register for a free 7-day pro membership access.

Top 7 Best Features of CBengine

If you are unsure about the top features of CBengine, here are some of the top features that you will love about it.

1. Quickly Find the Best ClickBank Products

By using filters, you can sort products based on parameters like the number of sales, commission percentage, price, and more. This helps you to quickly find the top-performing products in any niche.

The best part?

You don’t have to look through all of them one by one.

2. Discover New Profitable Niches

The software will not only help you find products in your niche, but it will also help you discover profitable niches.

It has a very unique feature that lets you find products by filtering keywords. So, if you are having trouble finding new products to promote, just use this feature and discover new niches instantly.

3. Find Profitable ClickBank Products by Keywords

You can filter products based on keywords. This is a great way to discover the best niches and products if you are new to affiliate marketing or have been doing it for a while but don’t have time to sort through all of them.

4. Insights about Each Product

As soon as you click on a product, it will display a wealth of information to you about it. This includes the number of sales, commission percentage, price, product rank, and more. That’s not all; as soon as you click on any of those filters, you will see even more stats. Pretty cool, right?

5. Find Products with the Most Potential

When you filter for products based on key metrics or sort them by their rank, you can swiftly find out which ones are performing best.

So, if you want to quickly find products that will give your business maximum returns, just filter through the top few and choose one.

6. A Large Selection of Filters

In any business, it’s important to have a wide variety of filters that help you narrow down on the data that is most relevant to you.

This is also very true for Clickbank products and CBengine provides around 30 different filters so that you can find exactly what you need.

What else would you need?

7. Easy-to-Use ClickBank Analytics Tool

Finding and sorting through products is a tedious process and there’s no denying it.

But, CBengine makes this easy with its user-friendly interface that lets you filter products within seconds. You can also sort them by ranking or number of daily or weekly sales in a matter of seconds.

Virtually all ClickBank marketers swear by the power of this tool and how it helps them discover new products with maximum potential.

An Overview of CBengine Pro

The best part of CBengine Pro is that it costs only $27 for a lifetime membership that includes all the features and all future updates. And, of course, you’ll get unlimited access.

Here’s what you’ll get if you opt for the CBengine pro version:

  • ClickBank Affiliate Insider Access
  • Advanced Search Options Access
  • Customize Search Result Views
  • Analyze the Entire Historical Ranking Data
  • See Product Graphs for Rank, Gravity, EPS, and more
  • See Product Name change history
  • See Product Refund Rates
  • Create Custom ClickBank Ads
  • ClickBank 1-Click Login Manager
  • All statistics to monitor sales trends
  • Product Bookmarking / Folder App
  • Syndicate ad blocks from bookmark folders
  • Generate HTML pages with affiliate links from folders
  • Easily copy and paste to your website
  • Plus much more.

While CBengine will be enough for beginners, the pro version of the software has more advanced features that will help experienced marketers get an even better ROI from their campaigns. If you want to make sure that you are taking your business to the next level, then the pro version of CBengine is perfectly suited for you.

Cons of Using CBengine

But, to be honest, no product is perfect.

In every product or service, you’ll find some cons too. CBengine is no different. So, let’s look at some of the cons or limitations of CBengine.

  • Only premium members can access support
  • You have to do all the hard work
  • It doesn’t work for physical products

Yes, if you need any help, you will have to pay for it.

So, you can take advantage of its free features but if you are stuck or have any doubts, be prepared to shell out some extra cash.

Also, you have to do the hard work.

Of course, it will do the hard work for you and show you the best products but at the end of it all, you still have to do your research to make sure you are promoting the right product. Just using this tool doesn’t help you succeed.

Finally, it doesn’t work for physical products. The software is strictly meant to help affiliate marketers find and promote digital products.

So, if you want to promote a physical product, this tool isn’t for you.

Is CBengine Worth Investing In?

If you are an affiliate marketer, I know the pain of finding profitable products. It’s not always an easy process. Even if you find a product that is giving good returns, it may not be the best fit for you.

With CBengine, though, things will never go wrong.

It has powerful features like 30 different filters to help you find products easily and quickly. It also lets you filter them further by ranking them on key metrics.

It’s a great tool that saves you time, effort and also helps you earn more money. No wonder successful marketers swear by this tool!

So, if you want to cut down on all that hard work and just use a tool that finds the very best products for you, I suggest that you try CBengine. Just remember that it’s not magic and won’t work miracles for your business, but at least it will help you find the best ClickBank products under one roof.

In short, if you need a tool that can quickly help you find profitable products without having to spend all your time on it, CBengine is worth investing in.

Frequently Asked Questions on CBengine

What Is CBengine?

It’s a tool that helps ClickBank affiliates find profitable products that are proven to convert and make you more money. It lets you see the best-selling and most profitable products on Clickbank and then goes a step further to help you find related similar products.

Why Should I Use CBengine?

If you are planning to promote any ClickBank product or just want to test your marketing skills, this tool will definitely help you. It helps you find the most profitable products so that you can focus on them and earn maximum profits.

How Does CBengine Work?

It uses various filters to help you quickly search for products by keywords, category, rank, commission rate, and more. Once you sort them out according to your preferences, it further lets you filter these products by their sales, refund rates, price, and many more.

What Kind of Results Will I Get from CBengine?

Using this tool is like having a secret weapon in your arsenal because you will always have the best products to promote. Not only that, you can see all these products on one page and then filter them according to your requirements, like their commission rate or price.

How Much Does CBengine Cost?

You can take advantage of its free features and use the free trial for 7days. But if you want to use all the cool features, then the lifetime pro version is only $27.

What are the Best Features of CBengine Pro?

The best part about this tool is that it costs only $27 and it’s worth every penny of that because you get so many features for this small price.

These features include the best products, support for multiple niches, rank & commission data filters, highly accurate results, an option to choose your best-performing products from a list of all the top ones, and an easy reporting system with pie charts, and graphs, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is CBengine a Scam?

There are many affiliate marketers who swear by this tool because it really is worth every penny. It is not a scam, so there’s nothing to worry about. You can either try its free trial or take the lifetime pro version for $27.

Is CBengine Free?

Yes, you can use its free trial for 7 days and take advantage of most of the basic features of this tool for free. But if you want to use all its premium features, then the lifetime pro version costs $27 only.

How Do I Get My Money Back from CBengine?

If you are not satisfied with this software, you can simply ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase. They will give you your money back no questions asked!

Is CBengine Worth It?

I’ve used various tools in the past to find new products and I have even tried my hand at product research myself. But none of these methods really helped me in saving time and money like CBengine. The free trial is worth checking out and it’s easy enough to use. So I definitely think that this tool is worth every penny of the $27 you pay if you plan on becoming an affiliate marketer!

Final Words and Thoughts

Finally, CBengine is a smart software that works on various filters and helps you find the best ClickBank products in the market.

The tool quickly scans all these top products to help you find what’s hot, what’s not, what converts well, and what might flop soon. Not only that, it saves you tons of time while doing all this heavy lifting for you.

I hope all the above information will help you use CBengine to its full potential and find profitable products easily.

If you want to give it a try, then check out CBengine today!

It’s not a scam; It’s legit and safe to use.

It’s is an amazing product, highly recommended. I can not tell you how much time it has saved me. In short, it’s worth trying.

I’m very happy that I found it, it is definitely worth every penny paid.

Well, there is good and bad side:

Good: CBengine is so easy to use and helps you save a lot of time to find new products that really convert Bad: If you don’t know how to work with this software, then you may invest hours on the platform without any return.

But if you want my opinion, it’s definitely worth every penny!

In the end, I hope I have been able to help you in choosing the best software for your product research and in gaining a quick knowledge of CBengine.

Meanwhile, please feel free to drop me a mail if you have any questions.

I will be happy to answer them!

Also, I would love to hear about any experience you have with this software. In case my review is useful to you, then please give it a share.

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