ClickMagick Alternatives

Are you looking for a better ClickMagick alternative? As someone who’s explored various online tracking tools for real-time link monitoring and better marketing, I can understand your requirements.

In my recent deep review of ClickMagick, I found it has many pros, but also a few areas to improve.

Firstly, upgrading the user experience (UX) could make the dashboard more user-friendly. New users often spend a lot of time navigating their documentation to use this link-tracking tool effectively.

Also, ClickMagick captures traffic source details using a redirect engine before sending it to its destination. This enables features like link cloaking to hide affiliate links and link rotators to send traffic to different places. However, these features can sometimes worry certain ad and affiliate networks.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that ClickMagick’s pricing is higher compared to many other options. Thankfully, there are great alternatives to ClickMagick with similar features that can match its capabilities.

So, in this blog post, we’ll explore 7 powerful alternatives to ClickMagick that might suit your needs.

What is ClickMagick?


ClickMagick is a popular click-tracking software that helps marketers track, analyze, and optimize their online marketing campaigns. It provides various features such as link cloaking, split testing, conversion tracking, and detailed analytics to help users maximize their return on investment (ROI) and improve overall campaign performance. It offers more than 120 distinct features to boost your online earnings.

ClickMagick is beneficial for anyone looking to boost online conversions. It’s especially handy for affiliate marketers and those involved in buying or selling traffic online. Affiliates can effortlessly track campaign effectiveness, using ClickMagick’s various methods to measure profitability. Honestly, this is a game-changer for experienced affiliates.

This link tracking tool is highly favored by solo ad buyers and sellers. By using ClickMagick for solo ad purchases, you can better distinguish between real traffic and unproductive bot traffic.

You get a 14-day free trial on all ClickMagick plans. If you try ClickMagick, it’s a good idea to sign up for the Standard plan. This way, you can enjoy most features for free during the two weeks.

Overall, ClickMagick is a top-notch link-tracking software equipped with numerous features. This includes tracking sales, affiliate marketing, solo ads, PPC ads, social media ads, and more.

Well, for some reasons, if you don’t like ClickMagick, below are some of the best options.

Best ClickMagick Alternatives

Looking for alternative click-tracking software? Check out these 7 ClickMagick alternatives:

  1. JotURL
  2. Voluum
  3. Improvely
  4. BeMob
  5. LinkTrackr
  6. AdsBridge

1. JotURL

JotURL Landing Page

JotURL is your all-in-one marketing solution to boost ROI and supercharge conversions. JotURL shines with exceptional versatility and power. It’s a complete digital marketing solution, offering various tools to help you make the most of cross-channel touchpoints, budget optimization, and conversion improvement.

Designed for digital marketing professionals, JotURL’s insights work seamlessly for any online campaign.

It fits smoothly into your workflow, saving you time.

JotURL makes link management easy with features like URL creation, branded link tracking, reporting, and conversion tracking. A dedicated user interface brings all your link monitoring under one roof, providing a unified solution for managing, optimizing, comparing, and overseeing all your marketing links.

Reviewers have consistently praised JotURL’s user interface for its simplicity and ease of use.

Overall, JotURL is an excellent ClickMagick alternative. By using integrated tools like customizable CTAs and social opt-ins, it improves customer engagement on websites. This leads to better lead generation and personalized calls-to-action on landing pages. The Instagram Mini-site feature and retargeting options have also received praises from users for boosting click-through rates (CTR) and conversions.

2. Voluum

Voluum Tracking Homepage

Created by the owner of, an ad network, Voluum ranks high among the best alternatives to ClickMagick for online ad tracking tools. This platform stands out with features like direct tracking pixel, impression tracking, and custom conversion tracking. Its foundation is built on the needs of affiliates.

It also adapts to new market trends. Voluum is among the fastest solutions in the market, thanks to its 7 data centers that redirect users to the closest one. This really improves speed and click loss.

Plus, if one data center has an issue, 3 more can take over to keep things smooth.

Another cool thing about Voluum (unlike many other self-hosted trackers) is its Cloud hosting. This can be super important for newbie Media Buyers who are just starting out in the business.

It also keeps your traffic safe from outsiders, making sure it’s not hacked or stolen.

Voluum is simple and super easy to use. It lets you handle large amounts of traffic without any hassle.

Overall, if you are looking for a ClickMagick alternative that offers advanced tracking features, reliable performance, and a great user interface, Voluum is definitely worth considering. Whether you’re an experienced affiliate marketer or a beginner in the field, Voluum’s flexibility and security can cater to your needs.

3. Improvely

Improvely Landing

With over 5,000 marketers using Improvely, it’s excellent at tracking and spotting click fraud. Its real-time tracking lets Improvely quickly find and protect you from suspicious clicks on your ads and across campaigns, saving you money on fake clicks. This powerful tracking software deserves a mention on this list of ClickMagick alternatives.

This all-in-one tool keeps everything in one place, so you don’t have to log into multiple websites to track campaigns, organic traffic, SEO, social media, and other sources. It simplifies your life by having everything handy.

Improvely keeps you updated with the latest info, including inbound links, search queries, and more. Every report and metric is real-time, letting you see how many people are on your website and interacting with it.

Also, Improvely isn’t overly complicated to navigate.

In case you’re looking for some guidance, an interactive demo is available on the website. Additionally, numerous YouTube videos are at your disposal to help you grasp how to effectively utilize this software.

Starting to use this program is easy – just create an account, and you’re good to go.

You can try it out for 14 days absolutely free. If it works for you, the paid version is only $29 per month.

So, as you can see, Improvely is definitely an impressive and user-friendly solution for marketers looking for advanced click fraud detection and comprehensive tracking capabilities.

4. BeMob

BeMob Landing Page

BeMob is one of the top ClickMagick alternatives. As an ad tracking software, BeMob is specifically designed to meet the needs of media buyers and affiliate marketers. The powerful platform empowers marketers with tools to monitor ad campaigns and enhance marketing efforts. The platform offers advanced features, including traffic source tracking, conversion monitoring, campaign management, and fraud detection.

Founded in 2015 in the USA, this platform started as a marketing software and grew into one of the top trackers in the field. It’s here to help affiliates save time and money and become successful in affiliate marketing.

The best part is BeMob’s pixel tracking. It’s an advanced method also known as cookieless tracking.

By using the innovative cookieless tracking technique, BeMob provides accurate affiliate performance insights without relying on cookies. Unlike other methods that rely on cookies, pixel tracking uses a tiny image embedded in your webpage. When a visitor clicks your affiliate link, the pixel tracker records their IP address, click time, referring URL, and more information.

You’ll also love the fact that BeMob is quite affordable. It offers 4 subscription plans with varying features starting with a free plan. If you need an extra feature not in your plan, you can buy it without upgrading.

The best thing about BeMob is that you only pay for what you use.

The free plan is a great option for beginners – No trials, no time limits. Monthly, you get 100,000 free events and basic tracking. You can stick with the Free plan as long as needed.

The Professional plan is priced at $49/month for tracking up to a million events monthly – Limited options, but customizable. For more data storage than Professional, Business plan costs $249/month and it tracks up to 10 million events. Extra events at $0.025 per thousand.

The enterprise plan at $499/month lets you track up to 30 million events.

So, as a ClickMagick alternative, BeMob offers a robust and tailored solution. Its focused approach and emphasis on accurate tracking set it apart. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned marketer, you need to try it once.

LinkTrackr Homepage

If you need reliable link tracking software to monitor and analyze your links, LinkTrackr is the perfect choice. With its user-friendly interface, you can quickly set up a link tracker and start monitoring your links within minutes.

Consider adding LinkTrackr to your toolkit if you’re into affiliate marketing or SEO. With over a decade in the market and a user base of 10,000+, this platform understands user needs.

LinkTrackr lets you shorten and cloak affiliate links, work with top networks, seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics, and redirect based on location. It also provides real-time visitor data with key metrics, keeping you in the loop. If you spot inaccuracies, you can quickly adjust for precise tracking.

The dashboard shows important metrics and vital data, giving you a clear overview with minimal effort to stay on top of things. Overall, it’s a powerful tool for boosting online earnings. It can:

  • Cloak your links for social media traffic and privacy.
  • Track sales and leads across domains.
  • Display expenses, profitability, ROI, and other critical metrics upon conversion.
  • Monitor conversions on websites, blogs, and affiliate networks.
  • Monitor ads from banners, swaps, posts, emails, and more, with ROI insights.

It also offers splitting test functionality, allowing you to test different variations of your links.

Overall, LinkTrackr is a powerful alternative to ClickMagick for tracking and analyzing click data. With LinkTrackr, you can insert links anywhere and easily monitor the performance of your campaigns.

So if you’re looking for a reliable link-tracking tool with advanced features, give LinkTrackr a try.

6. AdsBridge

AdsBridge Homepage

AdsBridge is an powerful online tracking tool that provides a single platform to smartly monitor, manage, analyze, optimize, and monetize your ad campaigns. Featuring 7+ data centers powered by AWS, it ensures the fastest redirects possible. This tool enhances your ROI and gives you complete control in tracking traffic.

You can easily access 100+ integrated networks with just one click in this tracking software.

At its core, it boasts a unique selling point: an integrated landing page editor featuring both HTML and a visual interface. This combination enables quick modifications and duplication of landing pages.

AdsBridge runs on the Cloud, so no need to host files on your servers.

It’s all on AWS, ensuring speed and stability.

AdsBridge uses AI to spot fraudulent activities like clicks, visits, or conversions in real-time. Unlike others that look at one measure for fraud, it considers various metrics.

It labels something as fraud only if multiple metrics suggest so.

With AdsBridge, you can host unlimited custom domains for different campaigns. When Google and Facebook block landing pages under specific domains for paid ads, easily use diverse domains.

Also, you can enjoy SSL on all custom domains.

AdsBridge offers affordable plans, and you can save up to 15% on yearly subscriptions.

You can start with AdsBridge with a 14-day free trial, no upfront costs.

The Starter Plan starts at $29/month for monthly billing or $299/year for annual billing. It covers 100,000 monthly visits, free clicks and conversions, $0.07 for each additional 1K visits, and core campaign tracking features. The most popular Professional plan is priced at $80/month or $899/year. It includes 3,000,000 monthly visits, free clicks and conversions, $0.04 for each additional 1K visits, a dedicated account manager, unlimited domains and SSL, and an unlimited landing page editor. You can also pick Advanced or Business plan.

Overall, AdsBridge is one of the top ClickMagick alternatives that many digital marketers like to use. It is particularly suitable for affiliate marketers looking for a reliable tracking solution.

7. is a smart URL shortener that simplifies the process of URL shortening and tracking the created links. In addition to simplifying your creation process, offers features like custom domains, link automation, geolocation, link expiration, and comprehensive tools including shortening, importing, and password protection.

Its developer APIs, deep linking, and retargeting capabilities elevate its functionality even more. seamlessly integrates with a variety of tools, including Zapier, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, GTM, and more. These integrations boost the efficiency of your automation processes.

At the core of lies safety, reliability, and efficacy. Notably, it offers highly competitive pricing. Unlike typical costly applications, is the go-to solution for entrepreneurs with a limited budget. It helps them shorten URLs while accessing an array of tools and features, all at an affordable rate.

The control panel of this tool provides all the essential info about your links. Overall, this user interface is very user-friendly, so you’ll quickly adapt and make the most of this powerful tool.

One of the best part of is that getting started is completely free. You only need to register by creating a free account. After that, you can start using it immediately, with a few limitations. However, for most people, these limitations don’t matter. The paid plans start at only $20 per month or $200 per year.

If you don’t have your own domain, you can also purchase one via The great part is, there are no extra charges for these services, and you can skip the domain setup process.

While may not be a great alternative of ClickMagick, you should still give it a shot.

Final Words and Thoughts

So, as you can see, there are many ClickMagick alternatives that can suit your requirements perfectly. These options cater to different businesses and levels of operation, promising growth and success.

Designed for various types of businesses and growth objectives, these ClickMagick alternatives offer varying plans, each brimming with exceptional features.

Each tool on this list holds the potential to greatly benefit your business.

Keep in mind that the success of your marketing depends on the tools you use. By exploring the above-mentioned options, you can confidently choose what suits your goals and enhances your online reach.

As the technological landscape continues to evolve, so too will the options available to you. Embrace the opportunities, stay updated on trends, and watch your link tracking strategy thrive.

For now, if you’re willing to invest in your business’s growth, rest assured that both ClickMagick and alternatives like Voluum, JotURL, BeMob, AdsBridge, LinkTrackr, and Improvely can help you achieve it.

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