How To Write An Interesting Blog Post About A Boring Topic?

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If you had your choice, would you rather write about fascinating, entertaining, and mesmerizing topics or dull, dry, and boring ones?

Duh! We all want exciting topics to write about.

But what if today you had to write about something not so fascinating?

Whether you are writing a post for your blog or someone else’s, it’s not unusual to be stuck with a less than fascinating topic to cover.

You may be writing business-to-business posts or business-to-consumer. Either way, there are times when the work at hand seems so boring it nearly puts you to sleep.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are ways to write about a topic and make it enjoyable for yourself and your readers. In this post, I will discuss how you can write a fresh and exciting blog post on a boring topic.

Understand your audience

Even before you start writing, it is important to think about who you are writing for.

Successfully writing for others requires that you first conduct thorough research into your audience. Try to understand what your readers care about and what they will want to read.

The goal here is to get enough response that you see an increase in traffic to your blog. Read our post on increasing traffic to your blog here.

Create an article that satisfies the needs of your target audience, and then some. Understand your readers so that you can present them with information that addresses their questions.

Write so that your reader can relate to the topic. Help them recognize it’s important so that they will want to learn more.

When your reader gets wrapped up in the topic, they won’t think it’s boring.

An excellent article covers all the questions that your readers need to have answered. Your readers won’t be satisfied unless you write specifically for their unique group. Picture the intended readers going through the article and provide them what they need succinctly and straightforwardly.

Share a story or two

Everyone is unique in his or her way, and there are few stories as attractive to others as your personal account.

As your article starts to take shape, try sharing some of your own experiences with the audience. This angle adds a new point of interest and makes writing the article less mind-numbingly boring.

Associating a blog post with your personal story (or a quote from someone else) gives you the opportunity to provide context to which your readers can relate.

Stories of relatable thoughts and experiences will ultimately help your readers.

Hook the audience to the blog

There are many ways to hook your audience into what you are writing.

As an expert writer, you need to weave in trends, current events, humor, anecdotes, and even politics into what you write to engagingly twist your blog.

Whichever way you choose to bring the twist, ensure that you stick to the topic, make your points cohesive, and add more meaning to what you are writing.

Things such as a catchy headline and a featured image can do wonders in making your “boring” topic find favor in the eyes of readers.

Writing awesome headlines is crucial. has a headline analyzer tool that gives your headline a score and then displays improvement tips. Find it here. Plan your headlines carefully.

We all know that human beings love colorful images. Because of this, you should set up a featured image that draws in your readers’ curiosity.

Then with one click, your readers can be enjoying your latest blog post.

Write naturally

One of the biggest mistakes that writers make is letting their style get rigid and robotic when writing about a topic that doesn’t interest them.

Be careful if this happens to you.

This bad habit can make a difficult topic worse, and your article flat and boring.

To make your blog post an enjoyable read, you need to be human and write naturally.

Don’t use words illogically.

People love reading well-written posts, which is why I use a writing tool called Grammarly. It’s a must-have for bloggers. I have used it right from the first post of my blog. My writing is better using Grammarly.

It’s like having a teacher over your shoulder giving you helpful suggestions.

Be passionate about the blog post you are writing. Take a chance and put some of your own experiences into your writing. Spend a few sentences to share your feelings on the subject with your readers.

Given that this is not a particularly exciting topic (to you, at least), you will need to spend time discussing your point of view.

Your opinions can work magic.

Your readers will either agree or disagree with your views.

After reading the post, your readers may even share it with their friends or on social media to find out what others think.

As a result, the same topic that you thought was dry as a bone might turn out to be the best performing in the search engine results.

Care about the blog structure

Everybody knows the importance of first impressions and how they can make or break an opportunity. The same thing applies to the industry of blogging. You must give people a reason to read and love your work.

No one wants to spend their time trying to figure out an overly complex blog post.

Neither will anybody want to have to use a dictionary or thesaurus to interpret your article full of big words. As a writer, it is your job to write an ‘easy to read and understand’ blog post that fits your expected audience.

Use simple to understand language with illustrative examples. Break your content up into short paragraphs, each with a specific meaning. You can also choose to introduce the sections uniquely, either graphically or with distinctive types.

Add interest to the pages

Another optional strategy is to bold or italicize keywords to emphasize a point.

This technique is significant because it helps to guide your readers through your article and get them the information they need.

Highlighting keywords in this way also adds visual appeal.

Remember to make sure that your content looks appealing regardless of the device used to view it. At the same time, understand that different users consume content differently. By guiding them through your article with keyword highlights, you will be able to appease the majority of readers.

Final Words

And by the way, I don’t think it’s correct to call any topics dull or boring. Wise men say that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. In my opinion, it’s not the topic that’s boring, but rather the content that can be poorly written and dull.

As a writer, you ultimately are the one responsible for the quality of your content.

Learn and use techniques to help make your content interesting and engaging for your audience, whether you like it or not.

Quick note: Just a reminder to take advantage of my free trial links to Grammarly and Tailwind. Both are seriously valuable for bloggers.

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