Is Blogging A Scam? The Truth Behind Making Money Blogging.

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Every day you hear a new story about how to make money blogging. Often, it is a rags-to-riches story about someone who made millions with little time or effort. These exciting tales grab your attention but then sadly often turn into sales pitches.

While it is possible to find wild success in making tons of money blogging, this article makes no such promises. I want to share the un-glamorous story of how to make money with a website, throughout the years (not days).

One thing this post is not about is how to achieve overnight riches.

Before I begin, please note that this article is specifically about making money online with a blog. If you are looking to set up a blog for a brick-and-mortar business, there is different information that can help you reach new and existing customers. The tips that follow, however, apply more to new bloggers and those just getting started.

Earning a Living

First off, I will never talk about getting rich.

I recommend setting small goals and celebrating your victories as you expand and grow. Setting a realistic long-term goal of creating a blog that brings in a living wage of $500 or more per week is attainable.

This should be the ultimate goal and will require dedication to the time and work needed to reach this level of success.

Blog Income Myths

The biggest thing I want to highlight is that there are no shortcuts or quick ways to make money blogging. Anyone who claims differently is earning their money from making promises that are blatantly untrue.

You cannot slap together a poorly worded, uninteresting site and sit back and watch the money roll in. It will not happen. Probably most importantly, please do not spend money on products or services that claim otherwise.

Success happens when you are working on something you are good at and that interests you. To make money blogging is not that different than in real life. To see a decent income from your blog, your focus should be on creating something fantastic.

Other online opportunities work the same way whether you produce or sell products, services, or information.

Whatever it may be, work on continually improving what you have to offer. Putting together a large site with lots of appealing information and with new or frequently updated content is the best way to start making money blogging.

Forget about the money side of things and instead focus on what will bring visitors in to check out your site.

Know Your Visitor Value

The most important thing you will read in this article is this: Visitors equals money. If lots of people are checking out and recommending your site, it will rank highly in Google. Then once you begin to have a reasonably large following, it becomes simple to turn those visitors into a significant amount of earnings.

Getting new visitors to your blog is the hard part, and it takes a while.

During this time, focus on building a great site that is linked by other blogs. Most blogs earn their income by displaying advertising.

Selling products or services to their audience also helps to bring in revenue. Naturally, more traffic increases the income possibilities. A high-quality website will set the stage for a large number of visitors to find and frequent your blog.

I want to be transparent with you and stick with the basic facts.

New blog builders like to see some real-time income numbers and estimates of the amount of work required. For that reason, I have compiled some typical scenarios that the average non-techie can expect if they follow my guide.

It can not be overstated, the path to success is a result of many small steps over a long period of time. The following is an example of the estimated timeline to see profits from your online blog.

Timeline To Make Money Blogging

The first month: You signed up with Bluehost, Dreamhost, or Hostgator and built a blog!

What a thrill! You have a blog!

Your blog is new, and you feel excited and are working hard at creating pages and writing your early posts. You have few visitors other than friends and relatives.

1-6 months: This is considered the blog winter.

After the initial excitement has wound down, you begin to feel frustration with the lack of visitors. Regular writing tasks are starting to make you anxious for your hard work to pay off.

At this point, you will be getting a few random people coming in, and you might be making up to 50 cents per day.

Many people give up at this stage because they do not see results quickly enough. Patience is needed, as it can take 6 or more months for Google to even begin to rank your blog content in its search results.

6 months to 1 year: As you continue to add content and make improvements, your site expands and is looking better and better.

You find some links from other sites and begin to show up on Google.

Finally, you reach 100 visitors per day which is a significant breakthrough. The money is starting to trickle in though it is still under $10 per day. As you begin to see steady improvement, some of the initial excitement starts building up again.

1-3 years: Your blog has expanded into a site with ample resources and high-quality information. Plus you are starting to make money blogging. Your income has steadily grown which has allowed you to make strategic changes in your site’s efficiency.

As well, you begin to market your own products as an offshoot of your blog, and you look into other revenue sources as well.

Over time you are better able to manage marketing and advertising, and you break the 1000 visitor per day mark. By now you are making $100+ per week. You are also more comfortable with the entire process and are implementing a growth plan.

3-5+ years: When you reach this stage, you are tweaking your site and making it more attractive to your customers. You have reached your goal of earning a livable wage and have opened up multiple other revenue sources.

At this point, many people stop and live off their blogs and all their hard work. Fair enough, they have earned it.

Remember, however, that this is the time you want to keep going.

Using your success and all you have learned you are likely no longer a non-techie. At the very least you have extensive knowledge and experience to draw from to create new blogs or other products.

In Summary

Very few people make it to this stage because they are sold on making a quick buck online and do not see the 5-year overall plan.

You won’t be one of those people because you now have a timeline to go by and an understanding of the reality of the online blogging business.

If you are serious and want to succeed, are you able to see the bigger picture and commit to a project based on this timeline?

While I might have simplified things, this is the route to take for building a profitable blog. The harsh reality is that many people are unable to remain motivated for long-term success.

There is no magic pill to ensure blogging wealth and fame.

In the online money-making world, perseverance and knowledge are essential.

Note: Almost every new blogger wants to make money as fast as possible. The right blogging strategy can bring in leads, turn subscribers into buyers, retain customers, and drive revenue. To get the most from blogging, join my FREE blogging course that strips out all the jargon and confusing nonsense of blogging.

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