17 Best Places to Promote Your Blog Posts And Get More Traffic.

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It is quite easy to start a blog, but a lot more difficult to make it a successful one. It’s important to write useful articles for your readers. But if there is no one to read your articles, it’s of no use. Actually you will be discouraged after a certain time and quit blogging. It happens to more than 95% of bloggers in this world.

There are so many mistakes that new bloggers make. One of those mistakes is not promoting their blogs effectively. Today I will talk about a few powerful ways to promote your blog. As long as you are new in this field, you should read this article completely so that you don’t make the same mistakes.

The times of SEO tricks have gone. Now if you want to get serious amount of traffic to your blog, you have to work hard. Now it’s not about increasing the number of your backlinks anymore. But it’s time to increase awareness. How many people know about your blog is more important than how many backlinks you have. Here are a few highly effective ways to promote your blog.

1. Utilize the Power Guest Blogging

I have decided to give guest blogging the first place in this article. Guest blogging is very effective if properly used in terms of marketing your blog. Guest blogging is basically writing a highly informative article for another blog in the same niche.

Most blogs that accept guest posts would let you add a link to your own blog. So if you have a lot of your articles published on other high-traffic blogs, you can expect to get significant amount of visitors from those blogs continuously. The more articles you publish on other blogs the better.

Remember, the primary purpose of doing this is to increase the number of people who know your blog. The more people know about your blog, the more popular you will be.

There was a time when people used guest blogging as a way to get backlinks from high quality blogs. Since backlinks play a very important role in search engine rankings, people used to do this a lot.

But now the time is different. You should never use guest blogging for linking purpose. Rather, you should use it to get more readers. If you do this for linking purpose only, sooner or later; you will be caught and penalized by Google. To avoid this problem, your primary goal should be increasing awareness only.

I am basically suggesting you to use nofollow attributes while linking to your blog from any of your guest posts. By doing this, you can make sure that you are not trying to spam search engine rankings. Your goal is not to get backlinks, but to get readers. If you target readers only, it really doesn’t matter whether the links are nofollow or dofollow. So Google will never find a way to penalize you.

Make sure to post on blogs with huge audience and high user-engagement level. Make sure to post only on blogs where comments are enabled. Make sure you interact with the readers of your guest articles through comments. An article with a lot of comments from readers is usually a high quality article. If readers get interested for more and they would visit your blog.

So you can easily increase the number of your readers through guest blogging. Just because the links are nofollowed, there is no reason to be penalized. As long as the links are nofollowed, you can post as many articles as you want.

If you write high quality useful articles only for high quality blogs, you should never be afraid to get into any problems ever. Rather, the number of your visitors will increase.

2. Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Social media plays a very important role in the growth of your blog. Only creating high quality contents is not enough. But you have to get your contents in front of the right people so that they can know about it.

It’s a kind of content marketing which is very powerful. Social media can easily help you make it possible.

When interested people know about your contents, they would most probably share it on social media sites. If you directly target these people using social media, you are doing half of your job. By giving people the power to share, you are actually helping your blog reach more people.

It has always been the key to success. Because social networking helps reach people easier and quicker. If one of your contents gets shared by thousands of people, you can imagine the kind of exposure you are getting. As long as you are serious about your blog, you can’t ignore the power of social media.

Also advertising in social media sites is cheaper than CPC networks. If you have the ability to spend money on marketing, you should use Facebook advertising.

Facebook is the god of social media and visited by millions of people every month. Also Facebook advertising is comparatively cheaper than Google Adwords. To reach the kind of people through Facebook advertising, Use the Power of Facesniper. Facesniper can help you target the right people using the right methods and grow your audience continuously.

I would also suggest you to become a part of all popular social media sites, meet interested people and share your contents with them. Gradually you will realize how well your blog would start performing in Search engines as well.

Nowadays search engines like Google are smart enough to understand good contents. Usually if an article is shared thousands of times on social sites, it is considered a good content. So social media should always be a part of your marketing strategies. Don’t forget it ever in your blogging journey.

3. Run Blogger Outreach Campaigns

Blogger outreach is very essential for the success of your blog. It is actually building relationships with other bloggers in your field. Most bloggers run outreach campaigns to get links only. You may have no intention to build relationships. But remember it’s important to be successful.

Here, a relationship is basically a connection that you create with other bloggers. You may think that your primary goal should be getting links from them. But you are wrong. Your primary goal should be telling them that YOU are there. You should interact with them in such a way that they remember your name and your blog. Don’t ask for a link. Rather ask for their feedbacks.

Believe me it really works and it’s very powerful. Every day I send around 10 to 15 outreach emails, sometimes more than that. In my emails, I never ask for a link. But I appreciate them for creating a highly useful and informative blog and I want their advice on improving my own blog.

Since I don’t directly ask for any links, most of these bloggers visit my blog and read my articles. Many of them send reply saying that I am also having a useful blog. Then I send them my second email with some of my best articles and ask them to share only if they like.

It’s not very difficult, but very powerful way to interact with top bloggers in your field and get your articles shared by them. Since, you are not asking for any link, usually they wouldn’t mind visiting your blog. Believe me that more than 99% of bloggers would visit your blog to see what it has to offer.

Truly speaking, my purpose is not getting backlinks. But I want them to like my contents and share it in their own social networks. Most bloggers wouldn’t like to link back just for sending an email. But it is not difficult for them to share it in their social networks as long as you are providing a highly useful content.

Most bloggers will share your articles. As a result, your blog will be exposed to thousands of people.

If you are fortunate enough, sometimes you can even get links. So you can see how powerful it can be if properly utilized. I have increased the number of visitors to this blog without ever trying to get any backlinks.

The blog you are reading right now is receiving more than 10,000 visitors every month and it’s growing every day. This blog is just 4 months old now. I have done it only by sending outreach emails and getting my contents shared by hundreds of people till now. This blog has more social shares than its backlinks.

I highly recommend you to follow the same procedure. If you really want to make your blog successful, try to increase the number of people who know your blog. Provide contents that people like and don’t forget after their first visit. It will force them to come back again for more.

I know that most people try to increase backlinks so that they can get more organic traffic. According to me, backlinks are always received naturally. You can’t force someone or pay someone for linking to you. That’s against the quality guidelines of almost all popular search engines like Google, Bing or Ask. But you can surely do your best to let people know about your blog. Make sure your blog provides useful contents and that’s enough you can do for your blog.

Best Places to Promote Your Blog Posts

It is fairly easy to start a blog, but a lot more difficult to make it a successful one. One of the most important tasks involved in doing so is active promotions and marketing. Without effective promotions it’s quite difficult to survive.

I already talked about some powerful methods to make your blog popular.

But today I will discuss about some places where you can promote your blog posts; new or old ones. If you actively utilize the places mentioned below, you will soon realize that your blog is growing.

Remember your primary goal is not increasing the number of backlinks coming to your blog, but increasing the number of people who know your blog. You should surely use it.

In five years of my blogging journey, I have built a lot of small niche blogs basically to promote affiliate products. I used hundreds of different methods to reach more people. Some worked and some didn’t.

It entirely depends on how you use the platforms. Just because something didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t for you. So here are a few places to start your journey from …

  1. Facebook Page: I have already talked about Google plus page. This is no different. You can use Facebook pages just as you use G Plus pages.

2. Facebook Profile : Using the power of Facebook profile, you can promote your new blog posts to your friends and family members. People who know you would probably be more interested to know what you write about. In most of the times, posts shared in Facebook profile go viral.

3. Twitter : Nowadays everybody knows about Twitter. It’s one of the most popular social sites on the web with millions of users. It can also be called as a micro-blogging site where you can share small messages promoting your blog posts. The more followers you have on Twitter, the better your reach.

4. Pinterest : Pinterest is very effective way to create buzz about your blog. It provides an an excellent interactive platform through which you can promote your blog. You can even create a business page on Pinterest just like Facebook and Google. Don’t just pin your contents and forget. Rather engage with your audience and try to know what they want from you.

5. Linkedin : Create a Linkedin profile today if you don’t have one. Join a few of relevant Linkedin groups and share your contents. It works better for small businesses. It has been on the web for longer than Facebook or Twitter. So don’t ignore it and make it a part of your marketing.

6. Reddit : Reddit is known as the front page of internet. It is one of the most visited 100 websites in the world. Join Reddit for free and choose the right sub-reddit while sharing your posts. Sub-reddits are small communities of people who are interested in a particular topic.

7. Tumblr : You can share your blog posts by creating a tumblr blog. According to my experience, it’s quite easier to get followers on Tumblr than Blogger or WordPress. You can share your new blog posts to Tumblr and your followers would be able to see in their timelines.

8. Alltop : Alltop is probably the most popular RSS aggregator on the web. It imports stories from popular new sites and blogs online and displays the most recent popular posts on a particular topic. It is very essential to add your blog to Alltop so that each each of your blog posts gets imported here.

9. Blogengage : It’s a highly popular blogging community on the web. You can submit your new articles here to be reviewed by all the other members. If your post is helpful and useful, it may be promoted to the main page resulting thousands of new visitors to your blog. It’s a paid service. So you have to pay before you can join and share your articles.

10. Bizsugar : It is basically to share small business news and tips. There are twenty different categories available. If one of your blog post is suitable for any one of these categories, you can share it. Remember to post only high quality contents to get votes from other members. It will help you reach the front page. All submitted contents are moderated. So submitting low quality contents again and again may even get you removed from the community.

11. Do Splash : It can help you get both traffic and backlinks. All submitted contents are reviewed by other members. Members can vote up or down depending on the quality of the article. You get dofollow links that helps SEO a bit. If you submit a lot of high quality contents that are voted up, it can really help your SEO a lot. And it’s completely free to join.

12. Blokube : Blokube is quite similar to inbound.org. It also provides dofollow links. You can share your own articles and expect other to vote for it.

13. Indiblogger : Indiblogger is an Indian blogging community and has got huge success in blogosphere. If you are from India, you shouldn’t ignore it. It works similarly as other communities. So there is nothing new to say about it. Use it and understand how it can help you reach more people.

14. Postjoint : It is basically a blogger outreach platform where you can connect with other blogger in your field. Bloggers join to earn money. So if you want to promote your blog, you have to join as an advertiser, find a high quality blog and pay them to write about your blog.

Remember this is not paying someone to talk about you or linking to your blog. But it’s about creating awareness. This is why you have to choose only high quality blogs with huge audience so that you get the maximum exposure. I suggest you to nofollow the links so that you don’t face any future SEO problem.

15. YouTube : Create a small video about your latest blog post and upload it to YouTube. Properly optimize your video with keywords and don’t over-optimize it. Use images to make a small video and ask the viewers to visit your blog to read the full post. Just put a link to your blog post in the description.

16. Instagram : You can promote your posts in several ways in Instagram. You can post an image with a caption. You may also share tips, ask questions or just point to your blog. Be active and you will soon start getting followers.

17. Triberr : Triberr is known as a community of talented Bloggers and Influencers. Join some relevant tribes and share your latest articles for other members to read. Here the tribe members are very active. So if your contents are helpful and informative, you can expect getting a lot of traffic quite instantly.

18. Viral Content Bee : It is quite similar to Social Buzz club. But you can submit only high quality articles. Otherwise, your articles will not be approved. Every new article is moderated to assure quality.

19. Scoop.it : Scoop.it is a content curation platform where you can create magazines depending on a particular topic. Post your new articles so that they can be recommend to others. The more quality articles you submit, more people will see it and submit in their own magazines.

20. Slideshare: Just create a slideshare presentation for your new article. At the end of your presentation, ask them to visit your blog for more. Slideshare receives thousands of visitors every day and it is fairly easy to get targeted visitors. Create high quality presentations that force visitors to visit your blog for more information. Slideshare has an inbuilt search engine. So when there is a search engine, there is a way to optimize. Optimize your presentations with proper keywords and you can expect to get a lot of traffic.

There are many other ways to promote your latest blog posts. But the above list is quite enough to start with. Nowadays it’s more important to write quality contents before promoting it. So before you promote any of your articles, make sure that it provides value to the readers. The rest will be done by the people to whom you share it. Use the right methods and only the things will happen to you.

If you liked my effort to create this article or if you truly feel that it is helpful and useful, don’t forget to share it. Thanks …

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